Non English or lazy newbie

We a fairly new member he is level 18 and is online often.
However war and Titans we participate in.
He hasn’t set up for war or hit the last 2 titans.
Now I’m happy to entertain this might not be English, so therefore how do I deal with him, he doesn’t chat at all.
I don’t want to kick him out, but surely even he must know most if not all alliances hit the Titan.
I feel stuck I can’t give him special treatment as it wouldn’t be fair to anyone else, on the other hand the poor bloke may not aware I’ve warned him twice with regards to not setting up in war and 2 missed Titans.

Any opinions or other leaders who have had this problem?

there are enough languages and places speaking other ones that said person should know the expectations before joining an alliance. Whatever the barrier, they are not being a team player and that says enough.

golden boot from me :slight_smile:

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Try to talk to him in chat when you see him online, put up a message in the alliance banner.

If the situation doesn’t improve, put up a final message and boot.

Alliance is about teamwork, if your alliance mate don’t want to or not able to cooperate, then you need to protect the time and money investment of the others and remove him instead of slowing down everyone’s growth.

Remember that he/she doesn’t loose anything with the booting and can easily find an alliance with a language he speaks. It’s just a game. :blush:


Well we have a strikes and you are out on Mon hits on titans.

Thanks for the advice

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