Non-conformity of forces of the alliance

The last 5 wars, the alliance against us is much stronger, the enemy’s alliance points are above the points of our alliance from 10,000 to 18,000, the players are stronger, why is such a selection of an alliance against us? How can we make sure that the forces of alliances match each other?

It’s the case for us too, usually all the top 10 of the other alliance has more trophies than our best guy. But the titan scores always match.

Seems if we want to win wars, we should stop being good at killing titans.

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Same in my alliance our top 1 fonte evento match top 14 from the other. Also alliances with lvl39 etc etc Wheres the logic? For the best alliances and players ONLY? Thaís must be review

The match ups are based on Titan score, not alliance scores.

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we sould hit weaker the titans? so that opponents would be weaker in future?

It’s a bad idea, you fight many more titans than wars.

But yes, if you kill weaker titans, you will face weaker clans.

No, the rewards for killing Titans are currently better than the prizes for winning AW in my opinion. I treat AW as just something to do…it’s entertain8bg and I enjoy the strategy even if I cannot win.

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Thank you for your answers and advices, good luck to you in everything))

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Agreed. We always punch above our weight in Titans and we’re not stopping to skew AW matchups. Just not worth it.

“I want my Loots!” :grin:


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