Non- Communicative players

Usually all alliance leaders point their rules out in alliance discription. If you say that all members got to participate in titan fights (and war) you can kick anybody not following this rule nevertheless active in chat or not. We got some members not posting anything in chat but follow our rules closely. No need to kick them…if you want communicative players only, you should say that in your discription…


Well, I think most are okay with non-chatty folks as long as they are participating (and staying up to date with strategy/instructions). It’s when participation drops that communication becomes an issue. And then they’re still (potentially) being kicked based on participation rather than communication.

Also read often that allliances accept only players following chat (but don’t have to post). Would also be an alternative…

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it why our alliance has a private FB Chat…its another way to connect with Leadership. This is especially needed now with the Alliance Message Chat bug.

But not showing up for days, not hitting Titan, not participating in Alliance Wars when you have opted in, not showing any progress in building your teams? Not Cool and grounds for a boot!


I’m a co leader and started to go through all the menbers and finding a few that haven’t signed in 100 days+.
Our leader been missing for 25
I decided to be more active, welcoming new members, giving advices and kicking players over 100 days off.
I don’t feel bad, just sad.
I will try to get the allance up some, but if i can’t i will probably leave for a more active one.


@Wolf9, If you are without an active leader, I just can recommend to start with a new alliance. Take the active members with you and start over.
Here is a very helpful thread from @JonahTheBard, having same problem once when their leader staying inactive.


To tell the thruth, there isn’t that many active players, I’m just trying to see if i can do anything, mainly with the new players.
Just an experiment.
Being fairly new myself, im trying to help a little.
I believe it is a training alliance.
Thanks again and have fun farming.


Really informative. Though I’d rather kick who are not communicating than start over. Thanks😄

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That participation is my main problem. No so much the communication. Exactly. You are off for more than a month and the rules states if you won’t be playing say something and not is total disrespect.

Wait you give a month of non-playing before you kick?

Talking, I don’t care…Hit the Titan daily and use all your war flags and we are good.

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@Wolf9 - If you are considering leaving your alliance, you are very welcome to join Infinite Waters alliance. We are always looking for people that actively enjoy the game.


If there aren’t that many active you could try and bring the ones that are with you and migrate to an alliance with enough spots. That way you don’t feel like you’re leaving anyone behind, but you’re taking care of yourself.

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You sound like my kind of player…see these players join your alliance sit there and not say anything then like your alliance is a rest stop…a holiday inn…do not respond to hi or the requirements of your alliance. I watch them not being active then I warn and boot.

Wolf9 you’re a darling. If I do not see progress…I love a good competition. Love players with the right attitude. You don’t like to chat I take it you don’t speak English …aaha…that will be in my list next!!!

My friends of another alliance gives 2 days not hit titan…you’re outa there…very serious players. I rather to be easy going and give others the chance to build…ya know?

I just tell them I expect Titan hits and full war flag usage…I don’t care if they respond. I will let them miss something once…like a war flag. Now if they miss a war…Kick. I don’t care about activity because if they aren’t on then they will violate the Titan/War flag rule and that will take care of itself.

I find if you try to be nice to people that don’t do the minimums it puts load on you and makes the players you want to keep mad.

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That is a fact. I presently do not allow wars because those I have are newish and would not have the 6 teams. So I encourage them to hit the titan…simple.

Newbies are a lot of work. Best of luck to you.

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Hello and thank you all,
I haven’t set any rules yet, will ask for titan hits at least, war should be optional, i myself barely can make 6 teams. But may ask to at least try.
Marcia you’re right i don’t like to chat, in real life too, but i do speak english and french fluently, living in N.Y state, spending my winters less than a 100 miles from Montreal, it come handy.
Merginasfastasican, thanks will keep the invite in mind, still want to give it a go and see.
Have fun in Atlantis, beaches, palm trees, coconut beach balls, LOOT.

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Players need direction and guidance from their leadership. If they don’t get that there is nothing extra helping to motivate their efforts.

Setting a few ground rules for the members (along with clearly outlining consequences for failing to meet expectations) goes a long way to resolve this issue.

Whatever level of play your members have, it needs to reflect the majority of their goals. First, Get yourself a couple of good Co-Leads as well, they are indispensable. You don’t need more than 2 or 3 Co-Leads. An entire group of Chiefs with no Indians just doesn’t work well in my experiences.

Second, Whatever consequences you outline for missing X Titan hits in a week, or leaving flags on the war field, whatever the rules are, ENFORCE them and STAY CONSISTENT. Rules have to apply to everyone, even the Co-Leads.

Once the rules are laid out you can say goodbye to the stress of trying to figure out what to do, because IT’S ALL IN WRITING. You don’t have to think about it.

I like using the members titles as a type of level system within the alliance. New guy joins: they automatically get the Member title. Show good participation for X amount of time and you can earn the Elder title. If you fail to meet expectations you get demoted for X time or until Leadership thinks you earned your title back. If you hold the member title and don’t meet expectations, well there is no title below Member, so they get booted.

If you demote anyone (or boot them) it really motivates the members to stay in touch and meet said expectations.

My alliance mates aren’t the chattiest bunch, but they perform! That’s all that matters to us. Zero flags on the battle field and you hit the Titan, can’t ask much more than that.

But I get the frustration involved with leading a group of people with different goals.

Outline the alliances goals, everyone in the alliance should be in agreement that those goals are valuable to them. If they don’t like the goals, well they are in the wrong alliance, or if enough of them disagree with the goals, you might be in the wrong alliance. Either way, communication is key.

Once you know for sure everyone is on the same page your issues pretty much disappear. It’s amazing. Don’t think of it as being mean by demoting or booting, it’s in accordance to the rules. Plenty of other places they can go if they don’t like it. And your members will all respect and appreciate the guidance and efforts their leadership team puts forth.


Good Luck out there.