Non- Communicative players

Maybe I should have taken my beef here to know what course of action to take with this drama.
What do you do with players who don’t talk even if they are in your alliance for more than a month…stop playing even though the rules clearly states “IF YOU CANT PLAY SAY SOMETHING”

Sometimes you have to make the hard decision and kick them.


Kick someone for being quiet if they hit the titan and use 6 flags in wars? Sounds like a dictatorship…


Oh no…they ain’t even there to help kick titan…they just are not participating or offer communication to let you know they may have a device issue or lost an account…things happen

This is a tough one. Because I don’t actively recruit, I pick up a lot of players in my “friends and family” alliance that never speak. Sometimes that can be because of a language barrier… other times… well… I wonder if they even know how to turn the chat on.

I haven’t had any success with most of these people of getting them involved and talking on the regular, but I still type messages to them as if they were hearing me.

Personally, I just handle them the same way I handle anyone else, with the assumption they can read our posted rules–and apply consequences the same way. In my alliance’s case, that means booted if you don’t make an attack in war and don’t respond to the chat comment asking if you’re doing OK before the next matchmaking window concludes. It also means no promotion to elder unless you consistently use all 6 attacks in every war.

I’m having a bit of mixed results, but they’re mostly positive. I have two players who don’t talk but make all their attacks who are elders, and two more that are newish at war and probably don’t have six teams who still use a few attacks every time.


But there’s no way to get someone to engage in a conversation who doesn’t want to.

Just like real life.


The rules are made simple. If you can’t play say something. Not everyone loves to chit chat bit for principle involved…make your team leader aware. Its only common courtesy…

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I do try to engage them in talks a bit just to be sure everyone knows what to do. Non verbal alliance…:cry:

Sounds fair. If someone doesn’t participate in required activities and doesn’t respond, kick is the only option. Not immediately of course, sometimes you’re really busy in your RL, sometimes your phone stops working and you just can’t play at the moment. It’s only a game after all.
But if someone logs into game but never hits the titan and doesn’t respond in chat, I’d kick them. Such players appeared in every alliance I know.

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I’d send a message witht he names of those not contributing. Give them 3 days to reply, or until the next war. Non-responders booted if no response.


Grateful for the response …I have booted players not for illicit use of language but rather unresponsive and ill principle to rules posted

We have had the same problem for a while. The talkative members said “it’s just a game” for a long time, but finally started to get irritated when Titans were escaping. We called people out by name who weren’t fighting. One stepped up, one left when we suggested they might like a more casual alliance, and we kicked the third out. We got two new members the same day without advertising.

I think everyone is happiest when you enforce the rules. After 3 days, we give a general reminder. After 5 we call people by name. We give 7 before kicking just in case it’s a device or health issue. Once we actually had someone come back after 5 days & say she was in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer.

I am learning if we keep the chatter upbeat & celebrate victories, most people fight hard & stay a long time. If we lose a few & replace them with positive, hard fighters who are a better fit, it’s worth it. But I always hate to say goodbye. :bouquet:


Have they even been online? Either way I would kick them, but its even easier if they haven’t been on the game for that long…they just quit.

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Lmao :rofl: (20 characters)

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I don’t understand how this is hard. They don’t talk, so they’re not your buddy/friend. They don’t hit, so they’re not a valuable team mate.

…Kick for the team, and don’t feel personally bad b/c they’re not a friend.


I agree with @Halifax.

It’s a no brainer. If they don’t talk, don’t hit the titan, don’t compete in war, what exactly ARE they doing? Answer : taking a spot from a potentially productive member.

They get the boot without a second thought.


BOOT now and do NOT worry about it. They are the ones that dont hit titans. BOOT BOOT BOOT BOOT BOOT

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Usually all alliance leaders point their rules out in alliance discription. If you say that all members got to participate in titan fights (and war) you can kick anybody not following this rule nevertheless active in chat or not. We got some members not posting anything in chat but follow our rules closely. No need to kick them…if you want communicative players only, you should say that in your discription…


Well, I think most are okay with non-chatty folks as long as they are participating (and staying up to date with strategy/instructions). It’s when participation drops that communication becomes an issue. And then they’re still (potentially) being kicked based on participation rather than communication.

Also read often that allliances accept only players following chat (but don’t have to post). Would also be an alternative…

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it why our alliance has a private FB Chat…its another way to connect with Leadership. This is especially needed now with the Alliance Message Chat bug.

But not showing up for days, not hitting Titan, not participating in Alliance Wars when you have opted in, not showing any progress in building your teams? Not Cool and grounds for a boot!


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