Non-active alliance leader

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread or covered elsewhere. Our alliance is small (always looking for new players!) but active except for our leader. He has been inactive now for over 40 days. Is there anything we can do to make one of the co-leaders the new leader or are we stuck?

Unfortunately, no. It’s been suggested numerous times. Here’s a thread.

If you want to stay together, your best bets are:

  1. Stay as is.
  2. Start a new alliance for all to join.
  3. Join another alliance.

I would personally lean towards 2 or 3, depending on what you all want. But it takes communication. Talk it through. If 2, choose who will be leader and create the new alliance. Leave bread crumbs in the featured message and elsewhere.

If y’all use discord, line, or similar, this shouldn’t be a problem as communication is ongoing. If not, the risk is leaving someone behind. Good luck.


Thanks for responding


+1 on this ones @ColonelBlanton


Adding to what Kaffy said; this thread may be of interest & very helpful!


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