Node 20 question

I have Vela and Mitsuko both sitting at lev 19. Both lev 20’s is a 4% mana boost. Is it worth it for either of them? I have lev 25 mana troops on both? Appreciate the help!

I have my Mitsuko at +20, too. I have also a level 25 fire mana troop. By activating the mana bonus of Mits’ talent tree, I free my level 25 troop from her and have it support my Wilbur in the same team while Mitsuko is currently supported by a level 11 fire mana troop. Both Wilbur and Mits, along with my Boldtusk with MCB supported by a level 5 mana troop, fill their mana like a fast hero needing only 9 tiles.

As for Vela, she is already fast. Moreover, she has been nerfed so much that she aint anymore as worthy as before in offense and defense to warrant the +20. 250 druid emblems may be best used by other heroes. I have my Vela purposely stuck at +12 and may be stripping her of emblems to allocate it to my maxed Lepus and 2 maxed Gazelles (one is already at +4). My other druid emblems are with Alberich+19 and Gullinbursti+19.


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