Nocturnal Winds looking for Strong recruits

We are currently looking to top off our team with a few strong players. Must hit Titans and be active in wars. We are currently taking down 7 & 8* Titans. We use Discord for our Alliance chat and game strategy. We do 1 on 1 training and help sessions to build stronger players. We also do voice during wars. Most of our Alliance is 3000+ players. We are a very close , fun and friendly group who love to chat but get right to buisness. If you want to join an outstanding Alliance look no further trust me you won’t regret it. We welcome players from all over the world to join us!!! FYI Discord is not a must with our group .

Estoy en una alianza de poca actividad y no pasa de titanes de 5, no prospero. Soy muy activo, aunque llevo poco tiempo, nivel 23 y 1000 trofeos de media.

I can’t read that can you post in English please

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