"член" Nobody want to be a ••••• xD

Hello guys,
maybe it is the right time to change the russian translation of the word “member”, which is called “член” ?

It is right translated, but “член” in russian also means “■■■■” xD)))). Weird but true.
The problem is, that there are just this 3 choices: member, elder and co-leader. If there would be more grades it would be fine and funny. But right now, just few ppl. like to be “член”. And you cant give all member the elder grade, cause of the rights to accept or deny applications.

We have asked our russian community 1 month ago, if they like it or if they want to have an other word for member.

~ 70% would prefer to change it.

“Участник” is the better word for “member”, after we analyzed the comentaries to this vote.

I think it’s not big deal to change the translation and would be great. Personally i would like to see more grades in the alliances. Just as words, without extra rights.

Best Regards
РЕГИТ (Regit)

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