Nobody cares about your titan

we’re fine with what we have. this conversation is repetitive, beat to death, pointless, nonsensical, and would be nice if could just be eradicated into the abyss and to never be brought up again


How quick does yah alliance kill a 14*


As you probably know, Petri isn’t on the game design team, but he often helps a lot with getting information from them to share with us.

This is perhaps something that they can address when the 2020 Sneak Peek is released, if they have plans for higher level Titans. I’ll ask about it.

(And also, FYI, Petri is away on holiday at the moment. But other Small Giant Staff members are around to share this with in the meantime.)


Typically with 8 to 12 hrs remaining depending on spawn time

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I didnt expect it to catch any weight from them. I tagged petri as a formality. More about curiosity on how many other players are in the same boat and mindset that they’re doin a whole lot for nothin right now


Yes, please let the devs focus on the top 1% yet again instead of the weaker masses below them. top players bored? maybe its time to try another game or break out of the cult and slum it for a whole? there are many ways to enjoy the game.


Actually us facing stronger titans helps the lower alliances

Right now we open a titan chest every 5 days like clockwork

We see a minimum of 5 more defeated titans loot than you every month. At least 1 more per week. And that’s at a bare minimum. No clue how many a lot of alliances are actually havin to pass on cause we haven’t been in that situation for a very long time due to the players outpacing the development team due to previous mistakes of the development team

If we had bigger titans, we’d be forced to pass like everyone else which would slow down our growth and allow you guys to play catch up


The majority of the community are grinding for next to nothing. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you passed up for 6 months solid maybe. lol…remember, the bulk of the community isn’t prepared for the super titan, and probably never will be with the drop rate as it is. I understand your frustration but perhaps using the top players influence into getting SG to loosen the AM purse strings would be much more beneficial? Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:

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Either way, I sent a message suggesting it could be included in the 2020 Sneak Peek, or in any update to the Frequent Requests list.


Oh dear. Just because YOU don’t need the mats, thousands upon thousands of players do. You do the math…service the top 1% with another titan or help the general community? Seriously, you guys are living in another world.


:blush: x 20. love you guys…no dissent allowed in the ranks.

and absolutely not. I’d definitely call this a discussion, which should be encouraged. My apologies if you thought otherwise.

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That maybe the game is severely unbalanced perhaps? That the top alli can flatten 14* in 12 hours is seriously impressive, and I never said it wasnt. The vast majority of players will NEVER see anything like that with the AM drop rate as it is, so I was merely drawing some focus onto your point that other alli will catch up: they won’t, ever. Still, as you say, I’m out, so why comment? Enjoy the game and I hope you get your wish granted for the bigger *

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We dealt with the same mat drops you are…

Hmmm…almost. The elemental chests weren’t this crap, and neither were the titan chest. Those have both been nerfed, and there is little point saying otherwise. I played over 2 years, and a lot of the time badly, lol. But the average loot drop is poorer now than it was.

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If higher titans are added it does nothing really to people like me.
Not botherd one day I’ll be there! Gives me more a challenge! Aswell as my team! We kill a 8 easy n be waiting for the next one! If it a 9 we can take it with full flags! The next 9 not so easy! Is possible! It’s growing for alliances keeping people on there toes for the next battle


As is your prerogative. One coin, two sides…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Loot has only improved since 2017 as far as possibilities

Chest drops haven’t changed

But if you have data sayin orherwise, I’d be happy to see it

Look at everything added that has only increased chances for mats

More events, raid tourneys, atlantis chests, wars, war chests, more mystic vision chances, higher titans, rare titans

And you actually believe players get less loot now than 2017?

Btw most of my teammates have only been playin a little over a year at most. There are exactly 2 of us that played for over 2 yrs, 1 bein myself.

So yea we did climb through the same challenges everyone else is

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I can only apologise for my naivety in this matter. I thought I was highlighting a disparity, but it seems not.
Thank you for the input