No Yellow 4* Troop- what are the odds

getting 4* troops is real frustrating. I’ve got 2 red crit+, and one of each for blue and yellow.

But no green, and no purple for me yet. I just want one of those too!

And yeah, only six 4* troops fo me so far, after 12 months.

Yes, one color is bad for me. I would really like any 3 star purple.

Same time period. Same color troop. So frustrating.

I see all these posts about, “Yeah, just put a level 17 mana troop on such-and-such, and he’s a boss.” Well, yeah, it would be great to have multiple high level four-star troops to choose from, but I have no green four-star troops at all, and either mana or crit four-star troops of every other color, but not both on either color. (Multiple of one or the other in purple, but I forget which.)

Meanwhile, my four-star troops are all at level 6 (except purple, which I brought to 7 this morning) because I don’t have enough feeders to bring them any higher. So, yeah, I’m sure I could be king of the world with the right troops brought to insane levels, but it’s getting from here to there that’s the trouble! For now, I’m just rolling with “best available”.

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Currently my kryptonite is purple 4* troops. I have 5 blue, 3 red, 2 green, 1 yellow, and 0 purple. The yellow one was my first one, haven’t gotten another one since!

I was missing any 4star troop of blue and red until I got my first 4* blue last night… 17 months of play. I had around a 0/50 streak of troop tokens with no 4*.

I have 4 yellow, 2 green, 1 purple and now 1 blue… after 17 months

I have enough 1 and 2 star troops to level him to 20 (just not the trillion in food it would take)


I’ve been playing my first account since Aug 1 2017 (currently in a top5 alliance) and a second account since Nov 2017 (currently in a top 50 or so alliance). neither one has a red 4* mana troop, despite many many tokens. It happens.


I do not have a blue 4* troop after a year of playing. It’s frustrating.

I’m going on month 17 and still without a blue 4* troop and a yellow 5* hero.

Hoping they come one day…

(0.9) ^ 41 = 1.33%

So while you are unlucky, it’s not that uncommon. In fact, it’s pretty much the same odds as pulling a HOTM.

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Same here, I have 5 4* green troops, 3 blue, 3 purple, 2 red and 0 yellow after a year of play.

I think that it is pretty common without spending on troops summoning, a lot of my team mates are in the same situation.

Been playing 20 months.
Still no 4* green troop

Speak for yourself.

I’ve been playing since December. Yellow was my first 4*. Then a blue. Then another yellow and lastly another blue. I really wish for troops from other colors.
I guess it comes down to luck.

Yellow heroes are my weakest though. Only very recently got a wu Kong and a hu tao. So… Again. Luck. Bane was my big help up until a month ago.

8+ months in. Two 4* yellow troops but no 4* in purple or red. Ironically red and purple are my strongest colors, hero-wise.

I’ve been playing for over 2 years and still haven’t received a 4* holy crit troop. Have at least one of the rest though.

I’ve only been playing since christmas but I’ve gotten six 4* troops. You’ll love the distribution. 4 Red, 2 Blue. Yep 6 troops but only across 2 colours! Good 'ol RNG.

I’d love a green, yellow or purple anytime now.

8+ months in and I got 8x4* tropps, but still cannot get a purple 4*. I need also red and blue 4* mana troops.

My experience seems to confirm the 10% drop rate:

100 pulls ⊦ 10 4* troops

17 months still got No red 4* troop. Started 2 accounts last month f2p. Both have 4* red troop. Bahhh my main account is crying



I now have my green 4* mana and crit troops :slight_smile:

Purple is officially the only color I’m missing now. And a 4* red mana troop.

Playing since April 29th, 2018 (actively since May 31st, 2018).


Not that it helps, but I’ve been playing since September (c2p, and I never pull troops unless I get tokens), and I have 3 yellow crits and 3 yellow Mana troops.

2 green Mana troops, 1 purple Mana troop. No other 4 star troops in those colors.

Red and blue Mana and Crit troops? Nada. I’d gladly swap some yellow I don’t need for another color.

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