No Yellow 4* Troop- what are the odds

I’ve been playing for 15 months, have like 15 maxed 5* heroes, and almost every other 4* troop both mana and critical, but for the life of me I can’t seem to pull a yellow 4*. I have pulled a grand total of 41* 3* in the meantime all holy. I’m beginning to get fed up with this. At the 10% drop rate I should have had 3-4 by now and I’m just asking for one :frowning:

What’s the odds of going 0-41? Anybody else seem to have a broken game for a troop color?


It took me 11-12 months to get my first 4* yellow troop. Not as long as you but it did take a while.

Playing almost 8 months. I have pulled at least one four star of each except red.

Playing 14 months here and still have no better than 3* purple troops.
I guess everybody has his/her own challenge in getting the troops :wink:


Here’s my current totals:

Blue: 35 3*, 3 4*
Purple: 20 3*, 6 4*
Green: 30 3*, 3 4*,
Red: 21 3*, 2 4*,
Yellow: 41 3*, 0 4*,

For a grand total of 147 3*, and 14 4*, so I guess overall I’m right where I should be for pulling 10% 4*, but at this point I feel like I’m chasing a unicorn trying to get my yellow 4*

9 months in and cannot get a green four star troop. you are not alone


Same here, already fed away multiple 4* troops, but never received a holy mana…

I did not have the yellow mana troop for a year, and yesterday I pulled two of them!

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10 months in I had no 4* holy or fire troops, and then I finally just got a 4* holy Crit troop a few days ago.

Still waiting on a fire 4*.

Meanwhile I have:

  • 7 dark 4* (3 Crit, 4 mana)
  • 7 nature 4* (2 Crit, 5 mana)
  • 2 ice 4* (both mana)

So 17 4* in total, but clearly wildly uneven distribution.

RNG gonna RNG.

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Every pull has a 10% chance to drop a 4* troop. There are 5 different troop colors with each 2 types. So you actually have a 1% chance of pulling the troop you want. You know it is not likely you will get that in 41 pulls, so what exactly is the question then?


9 months in all f2p got me:

  • 2 yellow [mana and crit].
  • 1 blue [mana].
  • 1 red [mana].
  • 1 dark [crit].

No green 4* troops.

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In 4* troops I’ve 7 yellow, 6 blue, 5 green and 3 purple but NO red
and it is very annoying. I’ve done hundreds of pulls in total (Maybe 300).

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Playing for a few months myself and have all 4* troops mana and critical except 4* Green … we should have a swap shop available

Been playing since November 17… I forget how many 4* Purple and Yellow ive won… think ive fed at least 10 of each… 3 red 4* from the start of playing the game, nothing since. 1 blu 4* from the start of 2018 and 1 green 4* from about October 18… In the last two weeks ive won 2 Blu and 2 Green 4* troops.

Edit: never used gems on troop summons. Always from troop tokens ive won… Dont give up. They’ll come when you least expect it.

He seems to have done 161 troop pulls and it would be a 2% chance he just wants any yellow 4*. He has been a little unlucky.

Yea that’s my grand total, about 160, and for odds I’m where I should be for pulling 4* so I’m not complaining about that, but with 14 4* troops now, at least 1 should have been a Yellow by now. Especially when it’s given me 40+ 3* of the same color.

This sucks.

This is not usual.

Click link for math:

I don’t want to waste building a 3* when it will become a feeder eventually. I’m over my 30 heroes, I just need a troop lol. It’s like why build a 3* Hero when 5* is what you ultimately need. Some 4* heroes have uses yes, but overall 3-4* pale in comparison in strength to 5*

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Play style

I level all my troops half way since Challenge events and Tourneys award emblems but restrict troops.

My 2* level 7 troops were really helpful for 3* Tourney and Rare Tier Challenge events.

My 3* level 10 troops were really helpful for 4* Tourney and Epic Tier Challenge events.

My 1* level 5 troops are waiting for 2* Tourneys if the Tim follows through on the desire to have every hero in the game be useful.

Free storage

I actually keep three of every type ( total of 45 ) because troop storage is free.

But I only level one of each ( 15 total) because crafting troops is not out yet.

@Dragonslayer1990 good luck, it’s frustrating. I remember just missing the red mana and thinking the same thing but it’ll come.

Maybe nothing but I reroll until I see the same color troops together. So there were 3 red troops in sequence, seems to give me better odds on that color.

Anyways I have eaten some 4* troops now. My biggest problem besides lvling them is when will I get my 3rd red mana troops??

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