No win battle—final stage, Trials of Fortitude

I tried the last level of the badge quest Trials of Fortitude took out 2 bosses let Viv standing battle went on for over 15min my 5 hetos to viv hit auto battle and game finnaly shut down for no activity i lost the battle?

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Use bomb attacks to get her health down lower before her mana is charged, then attack with your heroes.

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bombs axes and the likes are the only way I finished. Also trying to get vivica down first so she can’t just keep healing over and over. Definitely a tough battle as no one “hits”.


I used Gafar and Hansel to good effect. Hansel generally stopped her from casting; Gafar stopped her from healing when she did cast.


Last stage was a challenge for me, and lost on first try. Like you, my team was heavy on heal/debuff/riposte specials but not much for attack power.

My best damage dealers were Zim and Elkanen, and I knew I could keep them alive thru first stages. I took mana and health potions, bombs and axes. Made sure specials were charged before ending one stage to go to next.

On last stage left Viv for last and although the entire battle took longer than I hoped it would I finally got it.

Good luck!

I am really enjoying these trials, both as a challenge and an incentive/opportunity to work on and use some of the heroes I normally don’t use much!


The auto-battle issue happened to me too. My heroes were slugging away, and then, clearly, auto-battle = no human interaction, so the same shut on me. Ooops.

I had to try a few variations. I could get through the first two levels with low level hitters just fine. That final round took me three goes, and, for the last go, I switched my team.

I’ve never had to deal with that before.

Eventually, I felt like I had to get rid of Boril because he can be lethal for obvious reason; you strike him or the hero next to him and everyone, including your hero, takes a hit.

I took Viv down by playing a long game that was automated and knowing what happened last time, I made a point of stopping auto battle from time to time to take sure. Once they were all down, and I came back in. I also love the dragon attack accessory for when a round is going to be hard. I keep a stash of those ready for when these challenges pop up.

I paid 75 gems to revive everyone, with the crew refreshed, I was able to take her down. I had two healers (Rigard and Melendor), Boril (so she’d take a hit when she struck him and others next to him), and two hitters (Melia and Gaderious). It was a long game, but I eventually got her.


Special heroes i don’t have yet. :frowning:

Hansel is my favorite 4* and a superstar on my team. I’ve not leveled Gafar yet (he’s just been quietly sitting in the corner), but your comments are making me reconsider…

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Gafar is a beast against yellow healers.


This could probably be merged with the main topic. Intersting to wait and loose while auto play is active.

Congrats on finishing the Challange I decided not to give it a third try breezed through the first 2 levels with minor pots and arrows used gems and mirical scroll on second attempt + bombs, I decided I didn’t have the correct hero’s leveled enough ill get it next time. I’d prefer a timed out match to the game shutting down and resetting without a resolution on screen.

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