No weekend war?

Come on guys, screw raid tourneys. BRING BACK WARS.



There is more information on this thread



dang… that sucks.

A happy medium imo would be to have raid tourneys on one week, then wars on another week. Until that bug is resolved anyways.

Just supposition. Its after 6pm in Helsinki and warmatching countdown has not started.

yeah… unfortunately not looking like it will.

By the thread princess linked, raid tourneys + wars at the same time = bug that causes client and server to go out of sync. Meaning that war won’t start saturday since raid tournament will end on Sunday.

I’m not really happy myself, I realize that their beta environment doesn’t have nearly as many users, but c’mon… heard of load testing before? It’s possible to create multiple fake requests to slam an endpoint hard. I am a dev, I do it at my work all the time… with proper volume that should have definitely exposed this bug

Well, rant over. I guess no war for now.


The thread that @Princess1 linked is the master thread on the subject. I’d encourage everyone to continue discussions about this topic there :slightly_smiling_face:

(@Kerridoc, @Zephyr1, @Rook)

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Correct. Please continue the convo here:

[Master] Raid Tourney & Wars - When Will Wars Restart Again? (Developer Update Post #102: RESUMING with Mid-Week War!)