No way a team with over 100 hit points less than me should demolish me in 7 moves

It seems that 8/10 times, im getting my butt handed to me by teams that are extremely lower in hit points than i am. There should be no way anyone should lose when they overpower their enemy. This is just the most recent. This team beat the snot outta me in 7 moves and is absolutely ridiculous.

Personally I would double up on blue.


I could beat you with that team. Just sayin’…

Rainbow attack teams are pretty dicey until you get much higher level than you are now. It’s too hard to do enough damage to fast mana enemies to kill them before they punish you.

Also, you have 3 key heroes with high attack stats but low defense: Magni, Colen and Sabina. Slash attacks and specials are going to chew you up while you’re trying to build mana.

So my guess would be that you took a lot of damage from slash attacks, and then two or three of the enemy fired specials at you before you could get any of your heroes charged.



By design 4* 3.60 >> 5* 2.60 >> 3* 3.50


4* 4.70 >> 5* 3.70

It looks like you are taking the common route of prioritizing 5* heroes.

Personally I recommend 1x rainbow 3* 3.50 team and 2x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams to exploit triple colored matching ( Empires hidden buff ).

([Primer] Your first 4* team or Intro to getting 3*/ 4* Heroes, leveling, picking, farming, double color and war ( Part 2 ))

Solo Heros

You also have 3 solo heroes and 2 team based heroes.

Your opponent has 3 team based heroes and two glass cannon snipers that can exploit the special skills of the 3 team based heroes.

Your opponent has better synergy.


His order is excellent. When Valen charges whichever hero he debuffs ( and it is a strong, powerful and very long debuff) will be hit shortly by the best 3* sniper in the game or one of the top 3 red 3* attack stats in the game or an attack all or a blindness sniper.

When Bane fires, Skitleskull has probably already fired killing your weakest remaining heroes so Bane does not waste his blindness on a hero with only 5 HP left.


When I look at a team to attack in a raid, the team power is only one aspect to take into consideration. Here is how I look at it:

  1. Tank- do I have a hero who can combat their skill if they fire (or do I need to double up on the weak color).
  2. Flanks/Wings- Is there someone particularly devastating? Should I double up on them instead of the tank? Or are they stacking colors?
  3. Troop level and type. Troops can make the difference be it mana or slash attack for defense.
  4. Player level- Do I really want to attack someone who is just going to come back and kick my butt in a revenge raid?

I don’t really think this is a bug/issue. Play around with your hero’s, learn how they work together, or against each other. You’ll find you will get better if you take the time to analyze each raid, and not just base it on team power alone.


His maxed and tier3 heroes > then your tier2 baby 5*

You have saf attackers Colen and idk bout the gater, is he a 2* u classed up three times?
He has 4 fast mana snipers.

Thanks for the tips everyone, i will definitely take them into consideration.


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