No way a team with over 100 hit points less than me should demolish me in 7 moves


By design 4* 3.60 >> 5* 2.60 >> 3* 3.50


4* 4.70 >> 5* 3.70

It looks like you are taking the common route of prioritizing 5* heroes.

Personally I recommend 1x rainbow 3* 3.50 team and 2x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams to exploit triple colored matching ( Empires hidden buff ).

([Primer] Your first 4* team or Intro to getting 3*/ 4* Heroes, leveling, picking, farming, double color and war ( Part 2 ))

Solo Heros

You also have 3 solo heroes and 2 team based heroes.

Your opponent has 3 team based heroes and two glass cannon snipers that can exploit the special skills of the 3 team based heroes.

Your opponent has better synergy.


His order is excellent. When Valen charges whichever hero he debuffs ( and it is a strong, powerful and very long debuff) will be hit shortly by the best 3* sniper in the game or one of the top 3 red 3* attack stats in the game or an attack all or a blindness sniper.

When Bane fires, Skitleskull has probably already fired killing your weakest remaining heroes so Bane does not waste his blindness on a hero with only 5 HP left.