No war today for us? Help!

Hi there! So one by one as we logged in to war, this is what we’ve all been greeted with! We should be using our second set of war flags by now but nothing. Help? What does this mean?

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By any chance did your leader or co-leader opt out of wars? They could have mistaken the personal opt-out and the alliance opt-out.


That’s my first thought too…:thinking:

Only the leader can opt an alliance out of war. I hope you can have a chat with your leader @Chelsea731.

I spoke with my leader who was online when war was supposed to begin and he told me that it just counted down and then nothing. No war at all today. It should have started at roughly 1AM EST yesterday and ended at roughly 1AM tonight.I had a theory that we may have been an odd team out and thus nobody to partner your with. None of us know exactly what it is or if it’s a glitch and we definitely don’t know what’ll happen next.

Looks like your side wasn’t matched with anyone.

Best to send in a tix. This rarely happens.

Does this even exist?

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Yes. It’s in alliance settings. Only leaders and co leads have access.

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Interesting I’ve never seen it, only ever seen the normal individual participate in wars button.

The option can be found in the alliance settings. :wink:

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Oh I see it now lol it’s quite a small button :smiley:

The bigger the decision, the smaller the button


Yeah, I remember in our first alliance, the leader opted the alliance out, but we think he meant to just personally opt out and we didn’t know what he was thinking. He never did explain.

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I think that’s something I’d never forget and might struggle to forgive lol especially with the silence

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