No war! TEAMS in Ukraine colour

Our opponent:

Hope more allies go this way


Please publish your team and urge your ally to do the same

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EVERY SINGLE DAY people are dying at war. Ukraine Syria Libyen Somalia Sudan maybe consider helping them also. Turn off TV and open your eyes


My ally has concluded we shouldn’t do the not attacking and ukrain coloured teams. Looked like majority was against this after all so just ukrain glag and # in slly texts

@moderators please close

Nobody should be restricted on a national basis. But what about the Russian fans of E&P? Are they all F2P gamers now, like Iranians?
Dear @ArktikaTF, could you please comment on my question? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Dear @Hexa, I can’t speak for everyone, but the Russian players I talk to continue to play in their usual modes. There are no restrictions for us in the game. It’s very nice. Sometimes provocations happen… I am aware of such provocations and have seen them personally. When threats and insults against Russian players appear in the general chat, when people join open Russian alliances, leave offensive nationalist messages and immediately run away. It’s unpleasant. But we do not succumb to provocations.
Although, to be honest, we are in tension, because there is a threat that Russian players may be blocked in the game, regardless of who has what political views and beliefs. ((((


Don’t bring politics into the game!


Nope. Not doing this. For a multitude of reasons. I suggest you all turn off the corporate news. 99% of what is on there is fabricated with no truth. It’s amazing how many put this tripe out and have ZERO idea of what is actually going on.


@Guvnor can we have a mod here?


Dear @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS,
this is a lively interest, not a propaganda. “Private” - this is on some other platforms, not here. And yes, your video is on point.
Best wishes! :raised_hand: :slight_smile:

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