No Vision Rewards

This has happened to me a couple times now, I have watched the mystic vision videos and no reward given. When it pops back to base, it looks like I could click it again but you can’t. I never got my rewards. Anyone else have this happen? All since the 8 hour changeover for visions.

I’ve had my game force close a few times but when I went to the recent activity log my rewards were there. I would check in game in the options menu > support > recent activity. If there are no rewards showing You should open an official ticket with SG. Let us know if you need help to start a ticket.


Same here… watched the video,no rewards, and i can not watch it again.

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Translation (Polish): Hello, I have a question, can you answer me playing this game for a year … and my question? Has my account been blocked or does not have my error account? I get nothing from you to improve your 5 * cards … one card once a year can be upgraded to the max level … for a year of intense gameplay. I got 7 cards 5 * … only 5 have done up to 4/80 … invests a lot of money … and 85% of draws are 3 cards … I will not mention opening chests … everyone! Rewards for Titan … or weekly tournament … in every event … or Atlantis … Sands … etc … they did not give me any 5 cards from these events … is it possible? With a strange luck, they gave a few hotm cards … please check my account … with such a large amount of funds it is not possible … the game begins in my situation exhausting if it spends money and nothing has measurable benefits … I have a companion game without money and has twice better cards than me … so I am saying that my account is a mistake … it is a pleasure to give my nerves … although I have a great distance to this game …

I can’t read what the above poster wrote but I’d probably agree with him anyway. This really needs to be fixed.

It truly is unfair that some players are able to get rewards while others are not. This isn’t a “the game isn’t fair to me” rant, it’s a legitimate complaint!

This is happening to me as well.

What is this?

Hello, what I wrote above is badly translated … so I go to the bottom of the matter … today again I bought a package of Atlantis 4 times for 9 PLN … and a packet for 140 PLN … I wanted to try or have my account repaired. I started to draw about 22 draws I do not remember exactly in these ice rinks I got 4x 4-card cards…there are 3 star cards … no 5 star !!!
I think my account has a mistake or something is wrong with my account … so I am asking you to return the crystals and fix my account … it can not be so with eg. 22 draws … it does not draw at least one 5 star card … remembering that if I do not fist about any 5 stars cards with events … like Atlantis … sand hill … etc…cos is wrong with my account is definitely a mistake!
so please send me the crystals because buying them for real money should I have 1 card 5 stars to win … and I have not had this pleasure since the beginning of this game … I am waiting for the return of crystals …!
if you want to return these crystals to me and write that my account is already repaired so that I can draw lots on fair terms … then I will ask Google Play to advertise this service to me because I will describe what I really did not do with the money and they I will give it to me … not so postopic and I am waiting for you to answer from your side … a positive answer. I welcome.

Hi @LordVallard, and welcome to the forum. The forum is basically a place for players like you and me to talk with and help other players. It is not set up to deal with individual account issues.

So if you believe there’s a problem affecting your account, you’ll need to submit a support ticket directly to Small Giant, by clicking on the “Support” button on the Support menu in-game.

That said:

Summoning can be really expensive and frustrating. But the summoning probabilities are published in the gates. You can find them by clicking on the little “?” By each gate.

22 draws is not a large number if you’re looking for a 5* card. There’s a 3.8% chance per draw, so 22 draws only has a 42.6% chance of getting one. That means it is more likely than not that you WON’T get one in 22 draws.

Per Small Giant, the language of the forum is mainly English. If you wish to post in a language other than English, you can do so in the #foreign-languages section.

If you post in a section like this one, please provide a translation of your posts into English. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, the forum is mainly a place for players like you and me to talk with and help each other. While Small Giant staff do read posts and comment on them, that is not the main purpose of the forum.

No one here can help you with individual account issues. If you want to talk directly with Small Giant about your account, you’ll need to open a Support Request. I can explain how to do that if that’s what you want to do.

That said, I’m very confident they won’t refund you money based on your not being happy with your summoning outcomes.

Hi Guys, if you are playing on Android, please make sure you have the newest Build available - Build #1078. If you are still having issues and believe you have not gotten your Rewards (please be sure to check your Recent Actively Log!) please submit a Support ticket.


Alas, Google Translate is sometimes unkind in its translations!

As @Garanwyn said, the official language of the Forum is English. Please write all responses in this section in English so that they will not be moved to the Foreign Languages section, removed, or badly translated. :slight_smile:

About the Foreign Languages category

(Also be careful not to post your account page which shows your account number at the bottom; people can use this to hack your account.)

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