No update for me

I’m based in Canada, but my account is in the u.s.

The update isn’t available for me. Has anyone else not gotten the update yet?

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In us (near Canada- Not sure how regions are brolen up) and no update yet

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Poland here, no update either.


Ok, glad it’s not just me, but hope we all get it sooooooon :slight_smile:

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I did an update today, but I’m still showing the last version. Weird. I’m in Ohio.

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I got an update on my iphone, but not for my account for Android here in the US near canada too :slight_smile:

Looks like Google Play has released update yet.

Has not, sorry. :disappointed_relieved:

For some people it worked after a phone restart but not for all though. I’m in germany and have the update. Some friends here in germany didn’t get it until now either.

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I’ve restarted my phone so many times today, lol.

I guess I should learn to be more patient, just anxious to get my second builder!

Germany Android here … no update either.
Some people in our alliance have it, most do not

update while there is an iPhone, the android update is not yet available


Thanks zaratul! Appreciate it.

It’s available on both platforms for some. I’m not sure how it’s getting picked who gets it and who doesn’t yet but both Android and iPhones have the update for some.

it look like it is random, we have player on both platform in same neighbor area and not all are updated.

Hi Rebus from Poland, represent AK Cruders guild. Some of people doesn’t have up update.

Still no update. Not very fun seeing all the spoilers and not getting to play :unamused:


right there with you @Avicious . been checking every five minutes :sob:

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I had to swipe down in the App Store to even see the update. This may or may not work for you… :wink:


Thanks @Rook… yep tried everything.