No troops 4* Red în 2 years

No troops 4* Red în 2 years why???

Save all your ETT and try it during next ninja event. I didn’t had 4 star red troop from two years. This time I saved up to 35 ETT and used it during ninja event. I got both Red mana and critic troops.

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Spend some gems on troop pulls instead of hero’s. People underestimate just how important they are.


HA9 you can try as well. If you been playing that long, you should be all caught up

Of course… I’m playing day of Day but not troops 4red, and blue yellow Green Pink… I have 2 3 troop of 4

Why not? Just shy of three years here and NO GREEN 4* MANA anywhere in sight!

Also – “Pink”?

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There are myriad of existing threads to the effect of “why none of {X} troop in {y} years”.

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