No Train, no gain - Trainer hero summon?

Free summon tokens used to be a coveted item of mystery and enchantment. I would draw my children around me and we would wait in eager anticipation, the hushed silence breaking into rapturous applause when Balthazar strode through the portal, or howls of derision when the likes of Brand would mock us with his smug grin!

But, having been fortunate to upgrade my TC and obtain every 3* hero, the summon token has fallen obsolete barring an occasional 3* troop.

How could it gain relevance again without detracting from the TC ladder?

How about a chance of a Trainer Hero?

Just a small chance to add some variety and keep the hope alive of something of value when 3* heroes become a little stale.

Nothing that’s going to panic the accountants at SG, we know they’re busy, busy people.

Anyway, whadya think?

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