No Tournament's Offer here...same to you? [Fixed in V24.1]

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Absolutely no tournament offer here either. That’s a first they always have tournament offers with those trainer heroes every tournament since they started doing the raid tournament until the current one. Not sure what’s going on

Moderator’s Note

The lack of an offer this week appears to have been a bug that’s now been fixed:


Yes, there was indeed a bug related to the offer not showing up. My apologies for any inconvenience! We are now rolling out an update that should fix this issue for future offers - please make sure to update your game when it’s available for you!


Thanx, @Petri :wink:

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Does that mean we should be looking for the Tourney Trainer Hero offer to pop belatedly?

I installed the todays update 24.1.0 Build 1145. I also restarted the Phone and the game to check. But until now, the offer didn’t offer :roll_eyes:

I think this clarifies the question if the offer will come retroactively. Sounds like this is a fix for future offers.


So in other words is useless for now… oh well i missed out this week

Meu jogo não aparece a oferta da Atlântida o que faço?

A oferta para comprar as 400 gemas e o passe vip não aparecem . A oferta de Atlântida não aparece. Você pode mim ajudar por favor?

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