No Tome of Tactics


You and me both :slight_smile:


Yes there are also not offers anymore combined with gems…i need 7 d-blades !!


In the past 8 months I have not gotten one single blade outside buying and rare quest. Got at least 2 tomes in chests during that time. It is fine that they are not so common, but there comes a time it is annoying. I have even drastically reduced summoning, for what is the point?


If that’s not what the alchemy lab turns out to be, then I would appreciate a trading system that lets me trade out unfarmables I have a surplus of for ones I can’t seem to get.

If SG wanted to avoid a trading feature causing a loss profits, wanted to keep the same amount of each material that has been awarded/bought in the game for some resson, or avoid the feature being over used, then it could workd something like:

• it’s only open to players who have accomplished certain feats since they’re more likely to need certain materials and have a surplus of others (ex. account has reached a certain age, the have reached a certain XP level like 20/30/40 or some beta tester chosen level, they have certain missions completed, they have atleast one legendary maxed etc)

• you’re able to trade your ascension materials (one at a time) only with alliance members. Each time it has a small or moderate fee like 100-to-300 gems. Members are allowed to opt out of trading.

• only alliance members who have accomplished certain feats with the alliance can participate trading. (ex. has been with an alliance a minimum amount of days, has killed a minimum amount of titans with the alliance, has opened a war chest with the alliance) This is to discourage people from hopping from alliance to alliance until they find someone willing to trade for every single material they want


There have been scores of clever ideas for trading over here: Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Let’s not go down that road here!


If the Alchemy Lab (AL) would ask for a gem fee, it will cause a lot of backlash from the community. The f2p/c2p part of this community will gain the most from this new building, but if they have to spend gems to get the item they want, they might as well become p2p.
I think it could be the same as the tc’s with different levels, where every AL level would produce an ascension mat of a certain type: 3-4* mats, elemental 3* mats, elemental 4*. But every level has the possibility of producing “normal” mats (chainmail, boots, gloves, gloves). P2p players usually don’t need any of these, so it will still benefit the f2p/c2p player and therefor it will narrow the gap a bit.


There’s also a huge and thoughtful thread about the Alchemy Lab. Let’s keep discussion there.


The only tomes I’ve gotten since September were ones I’ve purchased or earned in the rare quest. It has become my major bottleneck



I can use all my 4* ascension items and still have 6 to spare :roll_eyes:


I have 9 5* heroes waiting for a tome. I have 4 blades and plenty of rings, scopes, etc. I am same as you. At least 4 chests a day and I’m A+ on 11* titans.

I have enough to do while waiting. Working on 3 star heroes for events and future game mechanics. Im not crazy about it except I no longer feel the need to spend money on heroes. Wonderland is coming up and I’m not at all worried about getting any of them because I know they would still be sitting at 1-1 by the time the event rolls around again. No need to spend money on something I can’t enjoy.

With them adding more events, seasonal heroes and featured Atlantis heroes, I’m sure more people will be in this position soon.


:disappointed_relieved: my jealousy is at peak level right now