No Tome of Tactics

I have been playing this game for about 21 months. In all that time I’ve acquired a total of 9 tome of tactics books and some of those I’ve purchased. I know every other Farholme Pass is supposed to have one, but I never get one with a chest or MV, which I watch faithfully. I have 8 Damascus blade right now and 11 fine gloves, but 0 tomes. I’ve put a significant amount of money into this game, but I have like six 5* heroes that I can’t ascend because of this. I play this game over an hour a day, but I’m ready to bag it. I don’t understand how these top players are ascending HOTM so quickly. Even with unlimited funds, where are they getting tomes? The devs need to make this item more available, or they are going to lose a lot of players, including me.


In my alliance, it varies a lot on ascension items…some have tomes but no Damascus blades, some have the blades but no tomes. And the same with other things, such as orbs and tonics.

By far most of us are always waiting on the blades…….I am a little jealous of your 8!


I got 2 tomes from mystic vision over 3 days, beat the odds once in awhile.

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Those blades and tomes are deliberately rare as a speed bump to leveling heroes. None of us like it, but it is a deliberate design. I have plenty of blades, but few tomes. Others in my alliance had the opposite problem. I don’t see this changing honestly. If it weren’t for those speed bumps people like me would have 30 leveled 5 stars in under a year. And at that point what more is there to do?


I understand your frustration, but many of those top players can ascend a new HOTM every month because it’s literally the only hero they work on. Nevertheless, the pacing of item drops can be really tough. I do 4 chests a day and get A/A+ on 9 star titans, but haven’t gotten a 4 star ascension item anywhere other than a rare quest since 2018. Bad streaks happen. At best this game is a grind. At worst it’s like running up a down escalator. It really does help to track your item drops though. You tend to get more than you think.


What is this Tome of Tactics that you speak of?


I’m not asking for 30 tomes in a year, but 10 would be nice

Out of interest, what level of titans are you fighting?


8 and 9 level titans

It’s a book required to level 5 * heroes

I agree that Tomes are the big hold up for me, too. The last Farholm was a Blade, but I did get a Tome before that, the last few times it has been available. But that’s it, they aren’t coming from anywhere else. My alliance regularly takes down 10* titans, and I’m usually an A, but they don’t come there.

So I’m forced to choose - Sartana, Evelyn, Mitsuko, Khiona, or Majana? Yes, it’s absolutely a First World Problem, but here I sit having spent a pretty good amount of $$$ to get these hero’s, and now they sit on the bench because I’m very short on Tomes.

I’m not asking for 30 a year either, but a few more (say 8 per year instead of 5) would be appreciated.

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I’m in exactly the same boat. I still don’t see how top players seem to be getting them. Last tome for sale was Christmas, before that, I don’t even remember.

They do drop, i have picked up a few that way, but for me blades drop more often. My level 18 alt got one from mv and what frustration that was…how long until that account will ever need it, and my main could use it now

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Like most things, it’s all random and every player has an ascension item that seems to evade them. I was without a tome for 5 months and then got 3 in the following 2 weeks.

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I’m in search of the rare Tome also. I am not a doctor so I am not looking for Patience but ALOT of them are required here :frowning:

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I’ve got four tomes, no blades… I have all the other mats to ascend one red 5* and one purple 5*, and four heroes to choose from between those two colors.

It is a bummer, but I’m sure those blades will show when I least expect it.

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Places I’ve personally gotten a Tome of Tactics

•Atleast Twice from the Farholme Pass rare quest (the one in between Frost and Shiloh)

• Once from my Hero/Raid Chest. Back in my Gold Arena days

• Once from Titan Loot — From a crappy C score on a normal 6* fire Titan. I didn’t even try on this titan because I was planning on leaving that alliance soon

That’s all Im sure of from memory right now. May of been one other place. Its possible I got one from the MV but I could be recalling it wrong, it could of been a different 4* ascension material. Either way, unlike the way my glove to compass ratio usually is, my Blade to Tome ratio is usually decently even.

For comparitive reference: I’ve been playing the game since June 2018. I have ascended 2 legendary heroes to final tier, and right now I have 3 Tomes and 4 Blades in my inventory. I don’t recall ever purchasing any of them. This means I’ve gotten 5 Tomes and 6 Blades in 7.75 months of play. I think this means I’ve been luckier than average.

Sorry you’ve been so unlucky. Im sure most of us have atleast one unfarmable ascension material that hates them an avoids them like the bubonic plague.
For a lot of people on this forum it’s Fine Gloves, i’ve noticed for a lot of people in the ingame chat have issues with Mystic Rings, for me its definitely Mysterious Tonics. For a member of my alliance, who i’m surr has been playing for over a full year, it’s the Damascus Blades. If I remember the convo right the only place he’s ever gotten them is the other Farholme pass quest and because of that he’s always at a surplus of atleast half a dozen Tomes.

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I just wish they would put a trading post in the game where a could trade a blade and maybe 500 gems for a tome.

There’s reason to believe that the new Alchemy Lab may help with having too many of one AM and not enough of another.


Yes, I’ve heard rumors of an alchemy lab. I hope they get that going soon


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