No tokens in world play

Where are the new tokens. Original email said go explore the world for more. I have and no one in my alliance have found any in the world. I did last one on season 1 and more in season 2 but yet no tokens. Please tell me the devs did not falsely advertise that they are found in the world but not? Can anyone answer this

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I would guess the class quests will start soon, but it does seem useless to release something that no one really has the ability to start using.

The tokens can only be found as loot from areas like monster chests, titans and such. They aren’t farmable items.

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I got 2 in a monster chest this morning, none in the next monster chest.

7* this afternoon, nothing

Hero chest this afternoon 1

At this rate it’s not too exciting.

Hoping the quests will deliver a lot more. Bring on the first quest.

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I’ve had a little under half my wanted chests give one or two tokens so far. At this point I don’t know if that’s typical, or if I’ve been either lucky or unlucky.

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