No Titan Score Breakdown

It looks like the titan we beat yesterday does not have a score breakdown in the alliance chat. Since we track results this is not particularly helpful.

Attached is a screenshot of where the breakdown should be.

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Tried the old game / device restart?

Is it the case for everyone in your alliance? Or just you?

I restarted the game, updated and tried again, and even brought a second account in to look for it but nothing worked. Also reached out to the other leaders of the alliance on both iOS and Android and none of us can see it.


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Very Odd… I can’t say that my alliance has had this issue… Could be an irregularity with the System… See if it persists with your next titan / Alliance Wars messages (or players entering / leaving etc…)

We actually did get the scores for the titan after that one @Guvnor.

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I think the bigger issue is that that without that breakdown, I don’t have the data to update my titan tracking spreadsheet.

Would there be any way to get ahold of that data?

This is super annoying!

Normally all of the chat threads and results from war or titans stay for ~3 days however recently my alliance has noticed that only the most recent titan or war results are in the thread. I am not entirely sure when this happened but it is super annoying for folks that track their performance outside of the game.

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It actually depends on how much your alliance chats, as to how long war & titan results stay in game chat :thinking:. Sometimes in my alliances, only conversations from the last 2 hours are visible.

Thankfully war attack logs and top titan attacks list, if a new one titan hasnt spawned yet, is there longer.

We can see the chats around where the results should be but the results aren’t there.

The results of the last titan disappear when a new one comes out.

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ugh, that’s a bummer

Using my alt I went into a dead alliance and saw that they had the results of multiple titans showing up in the alliance chat. As such, I don’t think they are supposed to disappear when a new one spawns.


Ah, no they don’t automatically disappear from chat when α new one appears. The volume of posts in chat will determine how quickly those results disappear.

Actually, I remember someone posting about this happening in their alliance. Let me do a search to see if I can find it.



Sorry. The results of the last titan remains.

I was looking the messages of my chat (in which there are messages from 3 days ago) and the records of the last one are still there.

Lol I see @Bisonben you found the post I was referring to already.
I’d submit a support ticket to SG as two incidences in two days of this happening :thinking:

Thanks @Sarah2! Looks like that link requires a different username and password than what I have. Is there some secret handshake I am missing? :grinning:

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I just checked… We’ll that’s new :thinking:
It seems you need to jump through a few more hoops, with the recent Morlovia gate issues :dizzy_face:.

I went through the in game link,
Options > support > contact… Then you have a plethora of options, one even bringing you back to the forum in the hope that players might be able to help. Oh my :sweat::scream:.

It’s not as easy to submit a support ticket, instead the impetus is on the player to sift through the plethora of options. Um… I confess, it has been a while since I submitted a support ticket…

No worries! I think I figured it out. From the support page in the app You have to hit “no” on if a topic answered your questions then it brings up a chat bot that collects your info.


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