No Titan Rewards

after finish killing titan… i waited dor my rewards butt nothing show…so i logout and login again still nothing.

Is it still “processing”?

I am in the titan of 4 stars and I go to 5 stars so far without special prize;

Do you mean, you haven’t yet received an ascension material (rings, Shields, capes, hidden blades, etc)?

These items are random and rare. The higher up the Titan ladder you go, the less rare they become, but they will always be random.

I contact s.g site for this, they sent my an email…
"Your request (*****) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

So now I’m still waiting what will happen.

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That exact same thing happened to me today! No loot was given at all!

I tell you, if it wasn’t for how much I spent on this game, I’d quit because of the many bugs every day something new.

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I did not get loot from an escaped 9* titan yesterday. First time it has happened in close to a year. I did get it from the subsequent titan. Not sure what happened. It was the entire thing, not like missing an item in the loot rolls, nothing at all, period.

How do i report that i lost several 4 star and 1ea 5 star hero. They were there, then they were not. Li Xiu thorne. Ect. In their place was a 3 star blue trainer and a four star Irie red character. Other smaller characters were missing but of those i cannot be sure which are gone. Also my items in my available drop boxes were moved around. I have spent hundreds of dollars but if this is what is to com i will begin requesting refunds through VISA corp. Now i know why i cannot use pay pal as a payment method. Please correct this.

You need to contact customer support directly. There’s a link to do so at the bottom of this page:

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I just had the same issue. I have two profiles in the same alliance. My second profile got Titan loot but my primary profile, who was also top attacker, didn’t get any Titan loot. The only thing that’s different is that I filled the Titan chest but the Titan chest loot is different than Titan defeat loot.

My alliance killed the Titan and that filled my titan chest. I logged in and saw the chest lit up and tapped it. I got nothing…no titan loot … no chest loot. The screens that display what you get never appeared. Looks like a bug…very disappointed.

Today after finishing Titanium killing , i waited for my rewards , but i did not receive anything !

Problème un peu semblable. J’ai fini la guerre premier et je ai reçu aucune récompense.

This happened to me today.

I have 2 accounts. Account #2, the minor one, Titan defeated, I received the loot.

I switch accounts, log in to account #1, nothing.

Customer support, the link above, I got to a page that I was not permitted to view.

I seem to go around in circles. I’ll submit a ticket

Have you guys checked the recent activity log?
It happens sometimes that the loot box is just not popping up, but you can see the received loot in the log.

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Same like u…is the 3-d titan whiteout rewards:(any answers?)

Else submit a support ticket… GL

Hello Empires and puzzle.
I didnt report any bugs until now but my colleagues told me to write this bug regarding to rewards of titan. I have 64 titans (14* of course) and i didnt receive any any items of 4* … for sure îs a bug somewere.
The Last item of 4* I received on 2 february and until now there are 63 day…
Please let me known where are the problem

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