No titan reward

Dec 6 - our alliance finished the titan but there is no reward for me, and now the new titan appeared, i don’t know where is my previous reward?

Did you personally attack that titan? If you miss hitting the titan you dont get any reward for the kill. Otherwise sounds like a bug that belongs here.

I’m Fancy from American Odyssey…
first of all how do you start a post … I’ve been searching and cannot find instructions on how to post… I’ve had a few issues… My titan scores are wrong… this is not the first time having the issue… i ve had member having score on wars that are not correct… I’ve sent emails on this issue and have not gotten any response… How do I get help… Iam just 2 months in and already Spent $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ K’s… just want you to know I love this game… but these issues have to be fixed And resolved … please send me an email to show how I can get Help and on how to post … so clan have my problems resolved… members are getting upset… please help… I am the leader of my alliance… thank you

@Fancy I’m not sure I have all the answers, but maybe the following will help a little.

I don’t know how long you’ve been a forum member, but new members are not allowed to start posts immediately. Certain basic criteria like reading posts, etc. have to be met. You’ll receive a notification when that is complete and you can create your own post.

How are they wrong? A screenshot and more information would help. Since you can’t start your own post on this, you can search for a post about a similar issue and post your questions there.

Not sure where you’re sending emails, but all issues must be sent using the support link. You’ll find this in-game under Options —> Support —> Support. Since you’re new, I would also caution you that screenshots or copying emails with support into this forum is against forum policy.

Thank-you for supporting the free to play (f2p) players with your purchases. You will find, though, that issues from free players and paying players are treated the same. Stating you are a paying player in your support ticket or on the forums will not get you help faster.

This forum is basically monitored by other players from the game. These players are not employees are not paid by SG and therefore cannot help with anything besides information (like this). To get specific help on an issue, you will need to submit a support ticket.

I hope this helps some :grin:n

Hi! I have a question. I killed with my team the Titan, but i didn’t recieve anything. I even used a refill titan energy to become first, so i’m waiting like 3 hours and still haven’t secieved anything. I really want my prices

@Rob1n Youll probably want to enter a support ticket for this. This forum is monitored by players just like you, so, unfortunately, we can’t help with looking at the data, etc. That would be the only way to tell if you got the loot and missed it, or if there really is an issue.

How that can be?! When the titan reward was appeared i touch on map in same time and the reward vanish!!! No reward at all anywhere…this hasn’t happened when i do not touch CLAIM in province reward,in summon’s… need some answers pls . Sorry for my english. My i suggest the reward to be like on war,cover full screen?

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