No Titan loot, gem attack neither hit or miss

Jan 3, 2018. 9:08pm eastern.
Top attacker in alliance, but didn’t receive Titan loot from 7* Titan victory. Can’t validate it but no summon tokens at all. No particular items in inventory that were would stick out as Titan loot.

Ham and iron were 100% full already.

Also noticed several Titan gem attacks during this Titan, that didn’t register either a hit or a miss. Always when Wu’s special was active.

There have been a lot of complaints about bad titan rewards, but there is a huge amount of variance in titan loot. Personally, I’ve had loot tier XI with only 2* crafting and ascension items, but also loot tier IX with 3 rare ascension items.

If you are absolutely sure that no loot was given, then that is worth a bug report, bot otherwise I think this is just another case of bad luck.

Also, Wu willonly show one miss graphic even if there were multiple misses. You’ll see damage numbers for every hit

Thanks @Warfloard, I’m fine with bad luck. In this case, i don’t recall seeing a titan loot screen at all. this one time only. I checked what was new in my inventory, that was inconclusive. I am not complaining about bad loot, I’m ok with the random loot that is good/bad.

I posted the bug because it was during the same titan that i also noticed some gems that “hit” the titan not registering either a hit (a score) or a “miss” when Wu’s special was active.

I understand that it’d be impossible to tell, since i didn’t video any of the battle, unless the devs log something for every loot distribution. If it’s a one-off that no one else has experienced, it’s probably just me.

One miss in totality or per color group? Even though i’ve been using Wu for a while in Titan battles, normally i’m not watching the gems hit the titan, lately i do look to see if the Titan gets stunned or not. So, what you describe, only one Miss displayed, could explain that oddity.

Thanks @Wharflord, i went and did more testing with Wu - it often happens that a multi-gem strike can result in what looks like nothing, but just one “miss” pops up. I’m sure that was my issue.

I consider this bug case closed

thank you

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