No titan loot for new members in alliance?


Hi Rook,

You are always so helpful, I was hoping I could possibly get a quick answer from you regarding loot.

We failed to kill our most recent titan. I received lute. As did some of my other members. However, the newer members did not receive any loot. If everybody participated, should they have received some as well?

Thank you!


Everyone should have received loot of some kind. However, I believe if a player joins AFTER the Titan begins, he will not get loot.

Hope that helps!


Hmmm… I cast my vote saying everyone that hit should have gotten loot. I know when I help drop a titan mercing I end up with loot, and I’m definitely in after the titan begins. And I’ve merced on an escaped titan and got pity loot as well. If folks could keep an eye and report here, with whatever details possible, that would be super! I’m going to move the pertinent posts to the bugs category.

I’m assuming not everyone could skip past their loot screen, and they participated with hits …


They’re not confusing loot for titan chest are they? Don’t know if 12hr cooldown is for 1st alliance or not


Titan chest 12 hour cool down kicks in every time you leave an alliance. Any alliance.

@Coppersky: You are right as usual! So where did the missing loot go? Do they contact SG support?


Ok, thank you @Rook!!! Always a pleasure!


If they want to contact Support, Try here:


No, I am talking about Titan LOOT dropping after a Titan has fleed or ecaped.
@Rook is probably right and she missed the pop up screen.
But I have already been advises by Support that she should open a support ticker herself.
So I will advise her of this immediately as she is concerned.

As Always, thank you all very much for replying.



Hi, I know this is an old topic, just wanted to make sure it’s still the case that new members get loot for titans even if they join the alliance after the titans has spawned? ( I’m not going to use any flasks yet if I don’t get loot :wink: )


They do as long as they hit the titan.