No titan loot as required after updating the game

I play in alliance with titans of 12 star and we use 17 harpoons as usual, but when I received my lost I from the titan , I didn’t get any titan parts and a bad loot !!!
Here are photos of the loot


You have reduced loot tier… have you left your alliance and rejoined after titan spawns? Theres the 12hrs and 20 hrs reduced loot…
If you prssed the ? Icon it would tell you why it was reduced loot tier.

No I was in the alliance before titan spawning

So have you colected antother titan loot 20hrs before the one in your alliance gets killed…

Check here

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it’s normal loot. with every update chests give you less and less loot. system want you (me) to spend more money.
events became harder and harder, elemental chests are worse then regular and so on.
you have to spend more money.
i will not !

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