No Titan Loot after Titan Defeat

We took down a 7* Titan on 5th of June 2018, around 15:00pm (GMT +1 West African Time) - but I didn’t get or receive any Titan loot. My Alliance is Drama Freedom and my username is AnNiHilAtOr.

Had the same thing happen to me, made a ticket, they came back and said you were awarded 2 grasses and some other garbage…yeah, that was from the battle just before I went and beat the near dead titan. I didn’t have the time or energy to pursue it anymore and I lost out on loot for it, but it still incremented the counter.

Don’t worry, you won’t be getting anything for it either…congrats…or not.

Same here. No loot after defeat. Mysterious

No loot for me in last night’s Titan. I havew5 hero’s needing accention items that I don’t get anyway but last night didn’t even get to try for my items.

I also have such an issue. Already no loot from 2 killed titans. How could I get a reward?

Already sent a ticket. Now i’m curious whats the feedback :grin:

Same thing happened to me just now. I placed a ticket i will probably not get anything for this titan.

добрый день. сегодня 04 августа 2018г после убийства титана 9* Королева мегер ( приблизительное время убийства 11ч дня по московскому времени ) , в русском альянсе “Orda” ( имя альянса пишется обязательно в ковычках ) не получил лут с титана .хотя занял 4-е место . Имя персонажа ( ник ) Руссич. хотелось бы выяснить в чем причина? и если это игровая ошибка , то могли бы вы прислать лут за данное убийство.
Зарание благодарен

I am missing 500 gems and don’t know how to post on the forum…Please help me with this thanks

Got no loot after killing a 10 Star Titan…and I made an A damage…it is normal?? And how can i solve this ? How can i get my deserved loot???

I had same happen to me today on a 4* A+ damage and got nothing at all. Checked my other account and it recieved titan loot. What gives SG???

Hey, sorry but how do you create a ticket please? I just did a Titan finish and got no loot…

I didn’t get any titan loot from the last titan. Alliance name is misfit heroes, we defeated a 9* gorgon queen around 10 am in Munich (GMT +2). My user name is Knoxarcane and I had a B score.

I didn’t get any titan loot from the latest titan. The titan was 9*. Today is 20.09.18. 16:05 (msk). I’m from БЕССОВЕСТНЫЕ alians. My nickname is Asia.

I just had that happen on 8* Holy dragon. I checked all my inventory… Nada

I had this issue today. Oddly got credit for the fifth Titan but not the actual Titan

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