No timeout - Trials of Piety

There is no timeout in the third level of the Trials of Piety. I got down to Boldtusk and Rigard against Friar Tuck. No firepower for either side to finish off the other. This went on for 10 minutes with no end in sight. I would have taken a timeout and spent 75 gems for a lineup refresh, but I couldn’t. So I’m out 20 flags without actually losing.

Healer vs. healer is tough.

You just have to keep playing and hope you can hit them with enough tiles to take them out. Or flee and try again.

Sadly, timeout only applies to PVP, i.e raids, tournaments, and wars.

Edit : Maybe you could have let him slash you to death? Don’t use your healing skills and ghost the tiles


Note, there is no “Tie-Breaker” in Wars, only the time out function.

Tie-Breaker only applies to Raids and Raid Tournament Fights.


You should have allowed your heroes to be killed by just moving random tiles and without healing your heroes. It should have the same effect of having to pay 75 gems just for a lineup refresh you wanted. :wink:


Is there any place in the game explaining when the tie-breaker kicks in? I believe it’s related to the number of moves made, rather than the time by itself?

Its independent of the timer itself.

Think it’s 40 moves with it kicking in at # 41.

Trials of Piety makes me nuts. It’s the only one I take revive scrolls to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hokie Hi! Class of ‘85

Lol! Duh! I didn’t think of that. Guess my suicidal instinct didn’t kick in. Thanks, I do it if it ever occurs again.


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