No tier completion goodies @ gnome challenge

Hi small giant,

I completed the mid tier of the gnome/fairytale but didnt receive the completion items for it. Only 1 x summon.

Could you help me?

Thx greets Mars

Are you a 100% sure you skipped through the different stages and checked the reward for every stage? Or what rank did you have in middle tier?
If youre talking completion reward:
You get the completion reward when you finish the last level - not when the event is over.

I thought it happened to me too, but what happened was the window did not open telling me to claim the stuff, but the items were in my inventory

Здравствуйте после завершения обучения в 20 лагере герой небыло дано

I finished the whole tier, used 5 axe, 5 bomb attack and 5 arrow at begin and i had one boss down :slight_smile: (at the last stage with 3 bosses)

i saw a glove or compass as reward and i now still have 2 in my inventory where i should have 3 pieces after this event. So nothing is added

Ehmm, could someone please help me?
I guess it’s easy to check my item log?

No1 here in forum can help you with this. You need to submit a ticket via ingame support button.

I used the support button ingame, did report bug and come here ?!?!

They will send you an answer inbetween the next days. But they won‘t answer you in the forum

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