No tengo invocación gratis del dragón desde hace 2 dias

Hace 2 días no recibo las 2 invocaciónes gratis del dragón y aun esta activa por 29 dias

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2 days ago I did not receive the 2 free summons of the dragon and it is still active for 29 days


Best thing you can try to do is #contact-support (click the hashtag for a thread which gives instruction)

They can look into it for you. .

All the best

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Cuando intento escribir a soporte me sigue mandando a este blog

Moderator Translsation
When I try to write to support, he keeps sending me to this blog

Follow the instructions on this thread (which you would have found if you’d followed MY instructions to click on #contact-support)

Así lo hice y me sigue dirigiendo hacia acá, muchas gracias igualmente

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