No talent "Delay" on boss trials

In french version, Skittleskull and Quintus don t have talent but Ulmer and Balthazar yes.

Same here in Finnish version. I don’t think its dependent on language as they did not shoot the specials either in the whole challenge.

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Les noms en français sont tellement drôle haha. Glad I got my version in English. “Maudire” :joy::joy::joy:

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I think this is true in the English version as well — Quintus didn’t seem to list a talent

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Only Balthazar is listed. I noticed that while running the trial so watched the bosses. I never saw any of the bosses beside Balthazar display any special notification/icon.

This could have been a coincidence, but since the description is not there I’m wondering if the talents were missed on those. Perhaps on purpose?

Anyone from beta here that can confirm for this quest? Is this intentional?

Tagging @littleKAF since that’s the first beta tester that comes to mind. :rofl:

I’m not sure I can help on this one. I don’t recall any beta conversation regarding this, though I also admit to being less involved in this particular test due to rl stuff at that time.

In my opinion though, this seems odd. I assumed all the enemies had talents for all the quests. Only one having a talent seems odd.

Maybe that’s why I beat it this go around with a pisspoor team. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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When i did my pictures i used my (english) screenshots and videos.
During beta tests skull and quintus had “delay” talent

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