No strategy to this game anymore

Why have they taken all strategy to this game. Heros no longer matter as far as color. Stronger heros kill weaker heros. Today Nema almost one shot my blue team the stronger element against red.
No wonder players are quitting in droves.
Bring the game back to at least some resemblance of what it was. This is just getting more stupid everyday.


As someone who spends $300 a month on this game which allows me to level a new hero every 3 weeks, i can attest that in most of my games, i win with Autofill. When your deck is that good, you don’t have to think about stacking colors anymore.


Color is only one consideration. Skills passives family bonuses hero synergies all have to be looked at. I stack weak color vs the tank if i dont need the tank dead straight away
Also you do know that most specials are color agnostic right?


How much you spend determines everything


Yep… Truth… not much strategy anymore … Only power.

Yes synergy is important…2017 and 2018 legendary costume family are very powerful especially with the elemental links… but again that just adds up to power, not strategy.
The only thing keeping me competitive in the game at the moment is those legendary heroes + Toons.

Without having heroes with 1400 attack 1400 Def 2800 health…+ bonuses on top… it doesn’t matter what strategy you try, because you are dead in 1 hit…

The game now… in a nutshell…
Activate specials…win …yay… :slight_smile:
Don’t activate .hit…dead…boo :frowning:


There’s some small arguments to be made against this but since it’s like 75% true I don’t really see the need to argue about it.

Let’s take this as an example. I have drawn two new heroes in the last year that weren’t trash, Archie and Rochefort. When released Archie may have been the best green, but that didn’t exactly last long. Right now I don’t think he even would make top 15 in green, the release schedule has been that crazy.

Meanwhile I meet this in war. Sure, it was a bit of a mismatch after some wins but it was still something we had to face and couldn’t reroll away from. Note that this is in Equalizer war. 4 out of 5 heroes will decimate my side when Equalizer hits.

Considering my heroes today I really have to go mono green and hope for the best. And mono green would include Evelyn no costume level 80, Kadilen costume level 85, with Alberich no costume level 85.

Result? Got green too late, managed to get the tank with the last move, others basically full health.

The games I think are most fun is when it’s an equal strength rainbow team where specials and strategy matters. I can’t really do that any longer. That would be one attack in war, while weakening two other teams too much.

Our player with OCD that needs to attack with mono hasn’t participated in war for a year, wasn’t fun for him any longer.


I see this argument alot and I’m on the fence with it. I’ve been playing since 2017/2018 and I haven’t noticed much difference because regardless of what team you take if you don’t get the tiles you won’t win. Aginst fiends, if you take Galliard you can block the fiends but you still need to get the blue tiles. No blue tiles and you may as well leave him on the bench. Same with someone like Wang Yuanji or Arco. Not enough yellow tiles or green tiles? You’re stuck with those fiends. So considering it’s all dependant on tiles, how much strategy is, or ever was, really in the game?

Just one gamer’s opinion

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You’ve reached the true end game… complaining on the forum.

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They could do a lot to negate this for players by creating more variety in War types.

Id love to see 3* wars, 4* wars, Rainbow only wars, certain skills/talents blocked or boosted, rapid skirmishes (instead of 6 attacks each, maybe just one or two). The list of options is endless, we dont have to be stuck on this endlessly repeating cycle with no variety.

If it was more creative, even when you didnt win you wpuld probably feel better about it because youd have been forced to think outside the box and use different heroes from your roster.


It’s always been like that. It’s just that the power creep and difference in hero powers have made this more obvious. People like saying it’s all about synergy or strategy on building your team, but ultimately, unless your tiles don’t show up, you’re going to lose.

Yes, you can go rainbow when everyone of your heroes fires off a crippling special against all (or has crippling passive stacks… looking at the newest magic heroes). OTOH, if you’re like me, and aside from some HoTMs, and just got Kabeiroi, the bulk of your legendary heroes are 2 to 3 years all, that’s not viable. There is an exception when I go against defenses that are very passive (multiple healers, riposte, taunts, minion summoners) where I can go rainbow because I’m less dependent on the colors, but that’s only because the defense only has one or two real damage dealers and I can take them out first with snipers.

Kind of, but there’s still the have and have nots. For example, 3* wars you’d have those with Treevil and those without (yeah, more people have him now, but upon release it’s a different matter). You may see some changes, but over time, they’ll gravitate to the meta defenses, just on the 3 and 4 star levels, and since they’re easier to get, it’ll happen sooner rather than later.


Spending to get the best heroes is strategy. So is rerolling to avoid them (my personal game strategy). Hero selection before attacking is strategy. What you do in the raid to win (or maximize hero kills while losing) is tactics.



I’d like to think I play with synergy and strategy at least I try to. I analyze the other team see what I need to take to neutralize and take them out I target the most problematic hero first. But given my hero’s are nowhere near the current meta if I face some of the current monsters if I don’t get the tiles I need I’m usually toast. Like somebody said here before in response to “you don’t need massive damage heroes to win” true you don’t but it definitely f#%ing helps :laughing:

The players that have the meta heroes, you think they don’t set up their defences using strategy and synergy?

I’m actually happy now playing this game b/c I play with what I have with no expectations or frustrations if I lose a match or get Dawa on a pull again :laughing:


Yup, that’s what I do, so you know how frustrating it is when you take the time to plan out the attack team and can’t fire anything because you just get dead tiles which ends up charging the whole defence and they all fire wiping out my team without ever firing a shot? Then try again without changing anything, and behold, you win because you actually got tiles to charge your team? Obviously the better heroes one has, the less likelihood that happens because they can withstand the shots, but like I said, when most of my legendaries are 2 to 3 years old, not so much.

So, right now the top ranked defense is an inverted -V with toon Sartana, Timius, toon Obakan, toon Vivica, and Prince Siegfried. So I don’t know about the synergy part as we have a couple of riposters, a couple of heavy hitters and a healer. Most defenses I find are inverted-V with one healer and a lots of devestating damage dealers. I guess you can consider that a strategy/synergy.


New heroes every week, it’s really stupid. And it will only make players lose what little Interest they have left. Spend for what? Next week there will be much better heroes…


Things you need to be able to play raids.

  1. Spend a lot every month
  2. Invest on the latest Fast very fast cards that do unreasonable damage
  3. Invest on 3 legendary troops per colour
  4. Double LB all your offense cards
  5. Use a lot of rerolls
  6. Heavy cup dropping for better pool of match ups
  7. Use a lot of rerolls

Team strategy will not help once you reach top 1000. The only strategies are Spend a lot of money and keep hunting for the meta cards that are meta only for a couple of months. Then repeat.

Accept that this game is progressive only for heavy spenders. This is a play to win game only once you reach 2800 Cups.

The only way for SG to move forward in the game is release obscene powered cards as they sh i t on themselves with the 2LB, stupid senseless passives and Legendary troops. So, to kill these powerful cards you need more OP cards. You MUST spend a lot to be relevant.

A mono cannot take down a lot of the meta tanks even with 6 tiles. That makes you lose the game most times.,

In wars, if you end up on mismatch, piggy back on payers who leave cleanup teams and clean them.


I’ve been playing since august 2017 and since you’ve been playing almost as long I think you also should recognize the difference. And that’s speed.

If you got a bad board you had a lot more time to recover. I could charge one hero in 14 turns and still end up winning after coming back from casting my sole surviving 3/70 Alberich that was down to 200hp. I had games where none ressed and I still could win because his heal over time was able to keep up with auto attacks, just had to try to charge him again before the next opponent special.

On a bad board now you have 3-4 turns to try to fix it and if you can’t that’s game over. And by fixing it I mean that you see that you will be able to cast at least one hero after two in their team has used their special on you. Vs the worst teams that would still be a loss, some specials just do too much.


That doesn’t really alter the core of what I’m saying. If you didn’t get the tiles and therefore couldn’t charge your Alberich back then, you wouldn’t be able to benefit from the HoT and would lose. If you don’t get the tiles now and therefore cannot charge your game winning heroes now, you’ll lose.

I’ve won back then and now with teams of 4* heroes against teams of great 5* heroes because I got the tiles. I’ve lost against comparatively weaker teams than my own because I didn’t get the tiles. Regardless of whether it took 14 turns, 4 or 40, my chances of winning are still fully dependent on those tiles. That hasn’t changed. Speed, Specials, Team power, Passives, Minions, Fiends, Family bonuses, stats, board management etc. All of that has changed over time but winning or losing is still fully tile dependent. That is the extent of what I’m saying

Just one gamer’s opinion

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I agree with you, but the word “speed” could be misinterpreted that all creeps are

I think it feels like speed. And is why I say that creeps have turned everything to rush mode.

It’s not that creeps have faster speed.
But also the harder slash attacks!
And everything in between, especially the op passives…
I’ve always found this attitude:

“It’s always been like that”

To be distasteful. The days when a passive added 6% attack are long gone.
That attitude neglects The Degree to which creeps alter the game.
…and how much that degree HAS changed.
In 2020 regular vanilla Joon was counted in top defenses in the wing position. So for 3 years the defenses that we faced were different than what’s in our rosters. But not wildly so…

You are absolutely correct.
Now… there is less time to mount an attack. Because of the firepower coming to bear. And the weakening to your team before the enemy fires.

Maybe your great synergy used to wipe 3 enemies.
Now… your great synergy only takes half their health. While the enemy punishment increases, your output DECREASES… so we lower our expectations.

True long term players recognize it because they don’t spend fortunes every month for the past 7 years.
It’s more difficult to recognize the creep effect when you’re spending. Because then you have the new skills, op passives, def and health to work a bad board and wipe 3 enemies when the tiles do come.

The new strategy is having a leg up.
And knowing which creeps to chase
Which lacks creativity.
Deserves to be called boring.
And is reaping what it sows


Yeah, I’m a bit of a lurker :joy:

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It just frustrates me that this game has taken such a bad change for the worse in all aspects.
If i get hit with a hero that does 185% damage and my heros defense is 1000 + i don’t expect to get 1 shot.
They have turned this game into a free for all.
I agree with what everyone has been saying. I to don’t have the best heros but who i do have should still be good enough to compete in the game.
There is no more earn your way up now its just buy your way up.Is this really what this games all about.
Level 40 and 50 players with over 6000 TP when i started you couldn’t do that and they all have close to level 30 troops, took me close to 3 years to get a 4* green mana troop and i did a ton of pulls for troops.
I for one and not the first or the last an done giving Zynga any more money i will level who i have and will be done with the game.