No SF ascension for over a week

So, I’m currently leveling Ariel and Vivica and for over a week I haven’t had any SF ascension. Did all ways of ascending, with only 1*, mixed, trainer heroes, 3* heroes, one at a time, 10 packs, up to 60% probability, yet no SF ascension.
What’s wrong here SGG? Planning on introducing a new pay for SF category or why are you tweaking the rolls?

I personally would never use 1* feeders on a 5* hero, to much food for little xp. What levels are they already at? but they are 5* so usually by 3/50 I find their special is maxed

My Viv was around 2.30 before she got her first special skill level (not including the one you automatically get at 2.1). It happens… some are just more stubborn.


I actually had this happen with Gormek. He was the first one I fed ONLY 1&2* red heroes. He only had his skill go up at each ascension. At 4.1 he was at 4/4. I decided to just feed him any color and I did eventually get him to 8/8 but it was at 4.45 and that was one of the worst. I feed everything 1 & 2* heroes including the 5* since I am running 3 TC20 I don’t have a huge source of stuff to feed anyone. It works though.

Really its only the 3* that are a problem and its one of the things SG actually fixed so you can get 100% chance to level the skill. I never go to max with a 4 or 5 and can’t imagine a 5 ever doing that. But I do still have a 3.50 Belith that is only 5/8 and Muggy is 6/8. I haven’t paid attention to them though. I did max Muggy as fast as I could when I got him just to play around with him and the others I don’t really use.

I have literally had heroes not go up with over 30% chance or more. And yet I have honestly had them go up at 1% when I had a single hero left after feeding a group so I just toss them in. Crazy how it works.

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Not saying that it’s not possible in some way, but I have never heard of a situation on a five star hero that didn’t reach max skill level usually by last ascension.

I’m no powerhouse but I have a bout 10 maxed five stars and this is always been the case for me. @MeanMachine

I think you’ll find that you’re special skills Will catch up quickly and resolve your situation.
Best of luck.

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As others have said, this isn’t a bug but rather bad luck. Some suggestions have been provided here.

I’d also share that you are not alone. Here is another thread that discusses this. As such, I’m going to close this thread but encourage more discussion in the linked thread.