No Season 2 minibosses

I feel that this is an over looked issue. I have received onatel and gretel over the holidays and being that my main team is over 3600 I found that it becomes increasingly difficult to practice actual usage of the hero abilities in season 2.

Season 1 there are multi miniboss stages where u can actually get good use of all heroes talents yet for some reason this feature was taken out of season 2.

I am a very defensive player and lots of players sit on the bench because it’s very difficult to get the said practice necessary for them in the current maps untill u get to last boss.

This makes it rough to know how a hero will do when it comes to raids / wars because you literally have to throw them in a team and hope they dont get one shot as you level them to see how they do which can become easily frustrating and leave players believing that said heros are weak,especially ones with low defense like proteus who will get one shot by over half the heroes in the game if he is not leveled enough. currently I have to get a hero to power level 600, if they are offensive, for them to have enough hp/ defense to not be one shot or half dead in one attack. No hero can reach 600 power level without AM.

stacking allows for some practice but again people being one shot can lead to fake representation and I feel that the mini bosses stages should return to season 2 as every opponent has mana. I currently have to go back to season one level 21 and up just to practice heroes like Onatel, Gretel, hansel, proteus cause other than actual pvp these areas are the only places for them to showcase their skills early.


I wouldn’t mind a bit more variety in the S2 missions myself. That said, I’m not sure how this would work with the Normal/Hard mechanic they have going on S2. Those elite stages in S1 are kind of the equivalent of a Hard stage in S2, with the exception of MOBs with mana, as you note. Adding elite stages would make the “Hard” versions of stages a bit eye watering.

Were you simply interested in getting a discussion going among the forum denizens, or were you wanting to put this forward as an idea/feature request?


I just dont see how people are supposed to get practice mana control heros when there are not any mobs with mana until last stage. you cant get a feel for a character if you cant use the properly.

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I just use raids myself. I’ve got lots of flags in between chests, and I don’t particularly care if my cups go up or down. But if you care at all about cups, I can see why the Ellite levels would be super helpful. I just think they might add some variety. The normal MOBs are pretty monotonous.

I was asking about discussion vs idea/feature because if you’re hoping for SG to take action, it’s probably best for us to move the post to the idea/feature section. I honestly don’t know how much time people like Petri and Sara spend reading #general-discussion.

it was just something I noticed I didnt know if I was alone in this thought as a lot of players are heavy offensive and this new monochrome trend means people like me are becoming dinosaurs lol. I enjoy countering skills to stacked gem damage anyday and when there are no mobs with mana a lot of my roster isn’t getting it’s full potential. I dont care if my cups drop either but heroes not being able to sustain any damage from high level attackers without dying means u spend half the match trying to keep them alive vs actually combatting your opponent if that makes sense.

I guess j was just curious as to why they have no mobs with mana bars?


Actually, Brobb and KingArchur are high level players who both run rainbow teams, so you’re not alone.

I don’t know that you’re a dinosaurs, so much as ahead of the curve. Rainbow or 2-1-1-1 apparently do very well in diamond.

I’m guessing there are few S2 mobs with mana bars because SG are spending their effort on creating heroes. MOBs with mana and effects take a lot more designing and debugging.


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