No Sand Event Gem offer?

Is there not going to be a specific event gem offer for the sand event like there was last year? I mean the 200 gems for 1.09 euro (stock x10). It will be very bad form if there’s not.

That offer is usually only for challenge events. I don’t recall such an offer for last year’s Sand Empire event. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry but I believe there was. There should be again. The developers are losing out on a lot of money by not having such an offer.

I think you are mistaken. Please go through this following thread which lists the offers that were there during last year’s Sand Empire, and it speaks about no such offers which you stated. :slight_smile:


There should be one on Thursday (with Atlantis coins), though.

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I’m sorry but that’s hardly proof especially when that whole thread is about this years event.
I’m sorry but you already admitted you weren’t playing this time last year and though there may be a small chance I’m wrong I think you should leave it to somebody who knows more to show me if I am wrong.
I’m certain that there was a 10 x200 gems offer available the 1st day of last years even which was separate to the daily offers.

I’m sorry but that’s hardly proof…


If there would have been such an offer it would have been noted in here. But it‘s not… I‘m afraid you are remembering this incorrectly

Very funny even if you are right that my memory isn’t proof but so was I about a post about this years event not being proof either.
I’m always amazed at how quickly SG defenders respond and jump on posters who ask legitimate questions.
I might be wrong but I’d prefer to be shown that by somebody who know’s what they’re talking about like a moderator and not someone who hasn’t a clue and is only interested in defending SG.
If I’ve remembered wrong then I’m wrong but I’ve asked a fair question.

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Maybe you’re right, maybe I am getting old. It would be a good offer though.

I tried to do a quick search, and someone posted about getting such an offer a couple of weeks before Sand Empire last year, but I couldn’t find any posts about it during Sand Empire.

I’ll look some more in the morning to see if I can figure out a definite answer for you. All this was before my time…


Could be an usual offer during challenge event before sand empire.


Thank you Garanwyn. My memory could be wrong but it’d be nice to know.

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it’s not defending SG, just answering your question in two threads while you refuse to take the answer… I already told you in the other one, you confused sand empire with the first time that Fables were released, they gave 10x200 gems for $1 then (it was June 7th 2018).

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There are similar threads that suggest the 200 gem offer is also timed around challenge events When do the 99 cents for 200 gem offers appear?

We shall see…

It’s not refusing, it is more how do I know that you know for sure.
If Garanwyn checks and says there wasn’t then that’s an answer that I can accept. But the 1st person that replied to me admitted that he wasn’t even playing last year.

Another proof that the stock x10 was for Grimforest :blush:

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I just know, I remember very well that I blocked my card that day because of the 10x purchase in rapid succession lol And they did the same thing when Wonderland was released. No seasonal event had this offer ever, only calendars with gems+items.

Whether I’m right or wrong wouldn’t people want such an offer?

Oh I’m sure they would like to get it as daily offer 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But it wouldn’t make much sense during event with calendar. Why let people spend $1 when they can spend $2. I would do it myself as I don’t really need 3* items and take calendar offers only for gems.

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