No rhyme or reasoning


I have attempted hundreds of different strategic combinations of choosing an aponent to raid: lower/higher team power; trophies, global ranking, individual character traits and strengths, YOU NAME IT!

After completing the map, conquering provinces, leveling up the stronghold, land and everything else, the only enjoyable thing to do, minus the random, seldom cool quest, is to raid. When raids defeats or wins are eronuous and extremely random, it is frustrating, and the fun and enjoyment is lost.

I believe I have reached the end of my use of this game and app. Wil be deleting now.


Right before you see what alliance war is?

Mh, ok.


Join an Alliance and build up your team(s) to fight ever tougher Titans with your Alliance mates. :blush:

That’s where the fun lies, at least for me.


What do you mean with “eronuous”? Erroneous I suppose you meant, but how?


Losing is probably an error, and winning isn’t? ;p

For me, the fun lies in the Titan-killing aspect, and the knowledge that I can still train and get five star heroes. I’m also a fan of the challenge events and really enjoyed playing through the last one. Both those things allow me to play with heroes and team combinations I’d not normally try to maximize my scores.

I find that raiding isn’t the most useful aspect in the game (it only serves to get more food and iron, both of which I have plenty of) so I only raid to fill my wanted chest.


There are quite a few frustrating things about this game for me, but I have spent money buying their gems, so I’d feel I’d be letting myself down & throwing money out the window if I quit now. Alliance Wars are coming, new heroes are coming, of which I prolly won’t be able to get the 5* cuz I only have 2 at this moment, but I’m in a truly great Alliance The Northern Bears, we kabbitz, we relish, we talk, we advise, we truly help each other. We are so into the game that we also run a chat app called Line & have a group chat seeing that some of out members are overseas. So please try to find a good Alliance & fight on, it’s worth it.