No rewards for winning AW

Many bugs have been fixed, and matchmaking seems to be far more balanced than beginning but there are some brand new issues. I checked the threads to avoid repetition but didn’t find any concerning this problem. This is the First time we experience it but It’s way too unfair! Our leader and also best player of the war didn’t receive any reward at all. How is It possibile? I cannot even prove It because he had nothing to screenshot. All the others players had something except him. I ask all ally members to screenshot everything so in case of issues I can prove what I’m saying but this time I really don’t know how. Is there any chance you can check It? Thank you!

Others would say maybe he didn’t see the screen or something… I say he should contact support.

Already done! thank you mate

I have spend a lot of money on the game .and also vip… After doing the Easter update. All my battle items vanished and my hero’s stopped upgrading. I wrote customer service and was ignored for 2 weeks when they did respond it was basically like… to bad… Nothing solved andb never received my items back. And was blocked from contacting cutomer service… ???

When items disappear in game, only Game Support can help you. I’m not sure what happened, but I encourage you to reply again on your existing request.

I did write them … no help… When I went to write again in said account suspended… so I’m unable to contact them … An I don’t want to loose my account I’ve spent alot of money on this game

You are not first …i had a same problem , no rewards for winning …not add me item just one gone …

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I defeated 5 titans but i didnt get a chest. The rest of my alliantie did get one.
Can you guys solve this?

It happend to me today just 10 min ago

Do you mean it is still at 4/5?

Noo i finished the titaan en got the stuuf from it. But when you defeat 5 titans you get a colored chest. And i didnt get one. Now my bar is back at 0/5

You always go back to 0/5 thats normal. Colored chests appear random on any chestspot (monster/raid/titan)

So why did the rest of my team get a chess and i didnt?

I am pretty sure not all of them got one. You get a colored chest roughly every 30-40 chests on a random spot. But you never get a guaranteed colored chest after you filled a titan chest.

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Ohw i thought you get one every time you defeat 5 titans.

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