No rewards for epic tournament

I just completed the epic version of wonderland… however I did not receive the completion rewards. Please adjust this it says it was given however no reward show up. Please correct this issue . Thank you

The forum users are players of E&P just like you. Have you checked recent activity to see if the reward was allocated? :thinking:

Else, you’ll need to submit a support ticket to SG directly. GL.

I did. How long does it take

Hey mate, check your Recent Activity…could’ve snuck in there.

Options > Support > Recent Activity.

Nope not there
20. Characters

Are you 100% you completed the final level? You can have a score on a level even if you didn’t best it.

If there is a static score, you’ve beaten the level. If it flashes between a score and play now, you’ve played the level but lost. If it is greyed out or has a static play now, you’ve not attempted the level yet.

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