No rewards. Again

Now no reward chest for killing 100 monsters. What’s going on?

Unless you got an elemental chest, the monster chest is always there. Do you have a picture or can you elaborate on what happened?

Check your recent activity.If you don’t see the rewards there then contact support but I’m sure you’ll see it…

Nope, nothing. Will support see this?

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Completed monster chest, clicked on it. No reward, just timer reset. Checked activity, nothing.

Send a ticket within the game. If there’s no record of it, they may honor one.

It is entirely possible you got a terrible one and it had no decent items in it and as such doesn’t show in the recent history

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First time in 2 years of gameplay I’ve had nothing at all

Odds were you’d get a rubbish one at some point.

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Why is it that the 5/5 Titan, tho we did not win, fulfilled the query, AND JUST STARTED THE TITAN CHESTS BACK AT 0/5!!! IT TAKES TOO LONG TO SCREW PEOPLE OVER LIKE THAT!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! It’s enough to kill 5 titans, now you’re not even going to let me have my rewards for when we do. Not cool.

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