No reward for Special event


No reward for finishing all three levels of special event. I was expecting three summons tokens only received one.


It depends on where you place.


Yes, they all have silver token just as a “thanks for playing” reward I think.


Yes, they all have one silver token for completion.
I have competed in every special event and always completed all three levels, receiving three silver tokens. This time only one silver token was awarded, but I
completed all three levels. Do you suppose Zero only got one reward?


I completed 2 levels and received only 1 silver token.
Ey, does SG really begrudge me 1 more feeder? Weird. .


I received three silver tokens, and didn’t complete any event. Please report if you got glitched:


I got a mesage for only one token , but I got 3 token in sommun portal.


The rewards for each difficulty are shown in a separate tab. If I had to guess I would say, that you only looked at the tab for beginners and didn’t realize that there were tabs for the other difficulties.


I already have. Just posted so other players would have a thread. Thank
you, Rook for your awesome volunteer work.