No reward for completion of story mode season 1?

Was disappointed that after slogging through the story mode, all the way to the end that there was not a special reward or hero for completing. Makes it feel like there is no point. Don’t know how keen I’m going to be to play season 2 of the storyline.
I know a lot of other players feel the same…
Could there not be a special hero or chest for completing as an incentive?


I have two thoughts:

  1. If the point of the first map is completion, then yes, there should be a prize of some sort.

  2. If the point of the map is to give you multiple locations to farm, you get stuff every single time you hit every single map point of every single Province, be it once or multiple times.

I’d like to see a prize (because hey, who doesn’t like prizes?), but it doesn’t ruin it for me, since I treat the map as my personal farm.


I do get your point, as a means to farm - you do get something after every final battle. However, as I have found very little difference to farming higher levels than early ones that cost 3/4 points (except higher exp, meat, iron for higher levels). There does not seem to be a reason to play higher levels except maybe coloured monsters. Please correct me if wrong.

As it does have a storyline, which does incourage play to complete. I was surprised that after completing and beating the end boss, there was nothing different to completing any other level.

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Yes, the inclusion of a storyline makes the human heart yearn for something rewarding at the end. Maybe they will do this in the future. :wink:


It’s not like anyone farms the late levels. I definitely agree there should be a reward and so does a bajillion of other people who whined about it on the forums :stuck_out_tongue: I even suggested those mockup visual rewards here: Ellilea’s Combined List: Quests, Achievements, Challenges, Play Incentives & Other Junk


It would be nice to see. Especially as Ellilea rightly says, no-one farms the later stages. So the addition of maybe a new hero that is only available if you complete the story mode would be a good incentive. Fingers crossed, eh. Maybe someone in the storyline that isn’t already a hero?

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I’d like to see rare items drop more frequently in the later stages so they are farmed.

But I’d also like to see a special goodie drop for completion. Any of these ideas I’ve read could work (not my ideas):

  • Epic Summon token(s)
  • Special 4-5* Hero
  • Special Avatar
  • Some kind of Star or Crown icon next to your name in Alliance and General chat
  • _________ (fill in the blank)

I’m not broken-hearted that there is no prize, but my human nature whispers that there should be one. Darn human nature! :grin:


My human nature also whispers there _should_be a reward…however…if one wishes to continue to level up…farming the higher level providences on the map is the only way up…even if the storyline has been completed…level up seems to be the only reward…