No Reward for completing season 1

For new players, in the Missions tab, initially they were promised Epic and Troop summon coins for completing season 1 , but now that i’ve defeated the dark lord, where are they? Why the lie? I signed out and signed in again using a different account, sure enough it’s there. But those who are close or who have beat the stage, the reward mysteriously disappears. Why???

The reward is in mission tab. If you beat last stage go to mission and it should be there claim button.


If you do not have that mission contact support.


yes…thank you. i email contact support, waiting for reply. But i’m not sure if i sent using the correct form. Any suggestion how to best contact support which you recommend?

Best way is in game through options menu, second tab \support:


that’s exactly what i used. waiting for response from team. thank you for those nice screenshots.

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I still have not received a reply from them.

What does your mission log look like? Can you show us the first page of it?

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I checked it too. There were gold coins received. You mean “Recent Activity” right?

No, I mean the mission log, or tab, however you wish to refer to it. The scroll at the bottom of the screen.

Checked mission tab, Usually appears at the top, nothing. Scroll all the way down. Also nothing, Garanwyn.

Looks like there’s nothing to do but wait for the CSRs to get back to you then. With any luck, that should be soon.

I got the reply from support. He said that i claimed the reward on July 6th. But i just defeated the dark lol July 23rd (or around that). I dont remember receiving anything on July 6th. It’s a big deal for me to get those gold coins. My question is when do you receive the rewards? After claiming the last post on the final stage or after defeating the Dark Lord??

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