No revenge attacks allowed

I was attacked 6 times overnight and loss to teams much weaker than mine and was not allowed revenge because they all were on a different app version.

What The Frontdoor??? are they able to attack me if I’m on a different version??..I loss over 200 cups and cant get any back from the people that attacked me. This makes no sense.

I can get attacked from a person on a different app version but I cant revenge…BLASPHEMY!

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One of you probably updated between their attacks and your attempt at revenge. Just wait a bit and try again

It’s some type of design flaw - I am raided by people on different app versions all the time when these updates happen and can’t revenge. Like you said, I just wait a day then hit them.


Same happened to me. I can’t revenge an attack that just happened because we’re supposedly on a different app version.

Totally agree and its getting a lot worse. I had it occasionally now its cobstant and always the juicy ones! They need to sort it out.