No reply from support


Hey, I currently lost access to my account its been completely reset. I try to log in using my gmail account which has not changed at all and everything is level 1. Lost everything. I contacted support and they replied telling me to switch accounts. I then tried to explain again that this isn’t the problem and since then received no other replies. Other than the prescripted message. How can I get help with this issue as it seems like they have lost my ticket and I am unable to play.


I have a similar problem … no one answers anymore … and I have not been playing for 11 days


Guess that means we will have to move onto another game then. I am not going to just start again lol. Lost all hope now so time to move on :)…


I’m not sure why you aren’t getting follow ups.

I think you should try going directly to the SG support site. Create a profile and sign in. You may need to click to get a password. Then you can use the drop down menu in the top right corner by clicking on your name. Select activities to see your current and past support tickets. You can re-read any messages from a ticket, and you can create a follow up from there. I’ll try to post some screenshots a bit later with my personal information sanitized from the image.


Ticket in open …


That is exactly what I did. Hence the OP


Hi guys!

I have a ticked on the SG support site and it says that is “solved” but my problem isn’t yet solved. I have to wait for an confirmation email or something? Can somebody here help me whith my problem?

Thank you!