No rematch on 50 trophy raids when you lose the raid



On the recent update the game play has changed for raids against teams when you could potentially win 50 trophies.

Before the update if you lost a raid against an opponent that could yield 50 trophies the normal 3 count rematch rule applied and you could rematch with an even slightly higher 1 - 2 point higher yield (i.e. 52, 55, etc). However now any lost match against an opponent of 50 trophy yield is no longer possible to rematch leaving me to:

  1. enter into unknown raid having clicking on the rematch / raid button and not knowing the trophy spread
  2. having to use additional ham to find another team of equal trophy payout 50

Please consider undoing this change or at least allowing the normal 3 limit rematch of high trophy yield teams. Even keeping the trophy count at 50 would suffice if having a higher yield is unwanted.


Revenge out of the 280 trophies gap

I’m curious…what’s the highest Raid Revenge you’ve seen, if 50+ is no longer available?


You might be missing my point, the highest raid revenge is irrelevant. The point is I can no longer do a rematch when I raid against a team with a 50 trophy payout and lose. Whereas before I had 2 more chances of winning against that team before the last game update.


curious. once you lost the initial raid, were you within the 280 cup limit for matching? if not then that might be the reason you cannot raid them again


I revenged for 60 or so in the last week. Also a few in low 50s


I just ran a test raid against an opponent team having a trophy difference of 267 payout being 50 / -11 and lost moving the spread difference to 289 (me-11 and opponent+11) which did not allow a raid rematch. So indeed this looks like I’m hitting the 280+ cup limit but this is a new experience for me, did something change recently?


Wow, I’ve never seen a 60 revenge raid before.


When you drop 1300 cups in a night, not hard


you gotta have a lot of whisky for a night like that :upside_down_face:


I’m not a raider. @Xero786, @Talisax, or @Dante2377 are better sources of information on this one. Yoo-hoo, guys?


While I do love rye whiskey, it’s actually easy to lose a ton of cups when you really want to. :grin:


It was actually a bug that you could continue raiding someone once you fell outside the 280 cup range :slight_smile: that bug has been fixed recently


I have no objections to fixing software bugs but sometimes what isn’t broken don’t need fixing. That is of course my opinion since I’ve been accustom to having my rematches granted when they fail considering the odds are against me.

It is my hope that the development team heuristically evaluates/measures the consequences of changes like this that could potentially introduce profit loss. I will not threaten or rage but simply state the semblance of winning has diminished for me as a result of this fix.


This was broken from a ranking perspective.

Mid-ranks didn’t really matter that much, when top 100 targets were attacked you just went YOLO for 3 attacks, -11 -(something less) +~60 and that was just silly.

This is a good fix from a rankings perspective. Revenges as Tali mentioned work completely differently, no matter the cup difference you can use a revenge still.

Really if I were the one in charge, I’d do a sliding scale for cup matching, or tweak the algorithm so that the maximum gained / lost cups would be maybe 30 or even 20. It would take more work to get to high cup values, but it’d also wind up being a system with less movement and fluctuation, as right now it’s a little silly looking at the top 100 at various points in time with how much change there is. Maybe if they do another cup reset things might get modified this way.

As an aside, why does this bother you so much? I’m struggling to see the real need for being able to continually match 50 cup targets? I don’t have any trouble climbing ranks regardless of what cup value I’m chasing, but that’s because I can field a legit top 200 defense when we’re talking natural cup values.


Though only hypothetical without reviewing the actual underlying data, the alternate view is this was working from a profit perspective.

You could argue that fixing this bug had greater impact on the bottom users, opposite top 100, resulting in more resource spend and the potential loss of players.

Important to note, denying a rematch because of the 280 spread difference did not negate the ability to reroll to find another opponent of the same 50/-11 yield.

I agree there is room to improve the raid system and perhaps the sliding scale could be evaluated for a future revision.

Changing the existing model of game play effectively changes the rules of engagement. To put it into another perspective, its liking playing a card game and having the rules changed mid-deal impacting my perceived advantages and/or disadvantages of winning. This type of model obsoletion takes away the fun of raiding.


OK to your two core points:

  1. Reduced profit - how?
  2. Reduced fun - in what way?

Nobody spends real money for raids, I’d argue we do spend real money to get better heroes which does impact raids but most people would agree cups are transitory.

As for fun, the mechanics of raiding weren’t impacted at all by this, so I’m not sure how it devalued the feature from an enjoyment perspective?

In general with this change: I’d argue it increased the enjoyment, or at least reduced the complaints, of people who truly care about rank (those that either want their name up in lights, or those playing in highly ranked alliances that have minimum cup floors) and I’d suggest those are many of the heavier spenders in game… so if we’re looking at it from a coldly rational profit perspective, I think the change was a smart one.


from the get go, the matching algorithms were meant to have a 280 cup limit. So if you fell outside that cup limit and were still able to match and raid people, then by definition that is broken. Not sure how you are saying this system wasnt broken to begin with…


I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole with you. :sunglasses:

My original post was to point out that something changed and in my feeling in a negative way that removed the ability to use my rematch option on opponents that yield 50+ trophies.

We now know that a bug was fixed that changed the game behavior and hopefully the game developers read these posts and are congruent with my disposition.


Anything in life is possible which means I can define the impossible. Your circular reasoning is neither constructive or helpful.


sorry, i seem to have been misunderstood.

I am saying the design of Raiding was to incorporate a limit of 280 cups when matching a player to raid.

If a mechanism existed within Raiding that you could still attack someone outside the 280 cup limit (apart from revenges of course), then that mechanism is a bug which should be fixed. As it is outside the original design of Raiding.

Why would you say this was not broken?