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•No Regrets•
We are a long standing alliance and were founded more than a year ago by leader emeritus Cpt Jack Sparrow. Our previous top war score was 445056 and were TOP 100. •No Regrets• is and always will be a family oriented alliance.

(1) We are rebuilding. We are not striving to be in the Top 100. We are focused on becoming an active and relaxed alliance.
(2) We compete without drama and strive for a calm environment where everyone can enjoy the game.
(3) We are starting at 8/9* titans.
*Reason: We need to assess the power of all the combined members and stabilize to makes the alliance core stronger.

We are looking players with this personality:
(A) Not easily offended, we are crazy in a positive way.
(B) Team oriented, we are determined to growth and without the support from our player an alliance cannot reach goals.
© Family oriented, we respect, care and protect each other (see point no B).
(D) Be down to earth, kindness, little ■■■■■, is okay :joy: (see point no B and C)
(E) Always be respectful to another alliances and players. You represent •NO REGRETS•’s family as a member.
(F) No drama. Real life is already full of ■■■■, This game should be fun.

Feel free to send me a message (Line: rhodesben) for further information. Thank you :vulcan_salute:t3:


nice post we are two people down on a small rebuild ourselves good luck to you guys


Good group of people here. I used to be in the alliance, moved into something bigger. But solid group of people here… Highly recommend!


Thank you and good luck to you too :slight_smile:

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CoralNova! Thank you for always supporting No Regrets. You are always being part of our family. No matter you next destination

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I can attest personally to the kindness and integrity of the folks in this alliance. I am co-leader of an affiliated alliance and we share support and mentorship. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in helping my members and I improve our game.

My bench isn’t strong enough to play at the level of the No Regrets folks, but I hope to someday!


The No Regrets family has a long and glorious past… and with the wonderful, bright and friendly people who are members now, it will certainly have a glorious future as well! No Regrets!! :heart:


No Regrets is an amazing place to play, learn and laugh. Great group of people who are totally supportive and fun to hang with. It’s a stress free environment for motivated players. You won’t regret stopping by and will feel right at home.

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Where’d the captain go? I was in the alliance that no regrets was built on and have lost touch with most.

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I’m sorry for my late reply. Capt Jack on a break because of his health condition.

Do you have line? We have a group for people who’s retired from No Regrets :blush:

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